5 ways to get free traffic to your website

5 ways to get free traffic to your website

All serious internet marketers have 3 lists:

A list of email addresses leads / prospects, a list of free traffic sources and a list of paid traffic sources. This is a quick look at free traffic sources.

You are probably already familiar with 1. traffic exchanges (need to actively view ads to get return views), 2. safelists (need to read hundreds of emails to send hundreds in return), 3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO, technical knowledge required and long term approach for best results) and 4. free classifieds (a good spreadsheet required with lots of reposting and renewing).

Are you using all of these methods? SEO requires you to have your own website or blog. If you have your own site, then add 5. advertising networks to your list of free traffic sources.

Examples of advertising networks are Linkreferral and Viralnugget.

Essentially, after joining an ad network, you submit details of your advert. Your ad will be posted free on other advertisers websites. You also need to copy code which you paste onto your site. This will allow other ads to be displayed on your own site.

So while you are displaying other marketers ads on your site, in return your ad is displayed on other marketers pages. Some networks want more than just ad displays and require that the ads are clicked on in order to earn a return click through back to your site.

One advantage is that your ad will be automatically displayed indefinitely on other sites without the need for repeated renewals or reposting of your ad. So it is a form of passive advertising. If your ad is displayed on a good internet marketing website then you can get good targeted visitors back to your site.

One disadvantage is that other competitors ads may appear on your site. But if people are going to leave your site then they might as well click off through the ad network and allow you to earn a visitor to your site in return.

What do you think?  Do you use lots of free advertising methods? Have you experience of ad networks? Not sure whether or not to get your own site? Comments are welcome.

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