How to add Amazon Affiliate links to Facebook

How to add Amazon Affiliate links to Facebook

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is a well known and highly respected brand. Facebook is exactly the same too: Well known and highly respected. As an affiliate marketer, I can’t overlook these two giants when it comes to making money online.

Anyone can add an Amazon Affiliate Link to Facebook. If anyone on facebook clicks on the link and makes a purchase, Amazon gets paid.

But to get PAID by Amazon,  become an Amazon Affiliate first. Amazon refers to their affiliates as Associates.

Step 1. Become an Amazon Affiliate
To become an Amazon Affiliate / Associate, scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon page. Look for the words Associate or affiliate and click to register.

Become an Amazon Affiliate ugo okonkwo

Here are 2 good reasons to become an Amazon Affiliate:

1. You earn commission on the specific product that you promote.
2. You earn commission on EVERYTHING ELSE that the shopper also buys. Yes you do.

So if you recommend a pen by adding your AMAZON AFFILIATE for that pen to Facebook, you earn commission if that pen gets purchased. If the buyer also buys a pencil, some paper, several crayons, colouring books, an expensive fountain pen and a bottle of ink etc etc, you earn commission on ALL OF THAT. Even though you only recommended one tiny product. 🙂

Step 2. Affiliate, find your product
Log into your new affiliate account and use the search bar to find your desired product.

Step 3. Add your Amazon affiliate link to Facebook. At the top of the screen, you will see a ‘Facebook share’ logo. Click on it!

Amazon affiliate link to Facebook ugo okonkwo
Amazon affiliate link to Facebook ugo okonkwo

Bonus! There is also a Post to Twitter button too Use this next!

Follow through and you now have an Amazon affiliate link posted on Facebook. Well done!

Be careful when you do this.  if you do this the wrong way, you could get BANNED by either Amazon or Facebook. So here are my Top Tips:

1. Don’t sell. Recommend. Facebook is a platform for social networking. People are on Facebook to update their status, to see what their friends are up to and to generally hang-out. They’re not in the mood to buy stuff. (I haven’t even mentioned playing games – this is HUGE on Facebook). Don’t annoy anyone.

Post the link to the Amazon product on Facebook as a recommendation. So don’t write  a comment like “Buy this NOW, its the best ever”.

Instead, say: “Here’s the link to the protein shake that I mentioned in my other post. It’s fantastic because it’s so easy to mix and I love the taste”. Don’t try a hard sell. Just come across as nice and helpful.

Posting the link is easy. The trick is to get people away from their socialising and convert them into good buyers.

2. Don’t SPAM. EVER. Never post the same link to the same product over and over and over again. Instead, think of 3, 5, 10 or more great features or benefits that you like about the product. Then each time you post the link to Facebook, mention ONE great feature with your post. So 5 features, 5 posts.

Space the posts out over several hours or over several days. When do you get more sales of your Amazon product? Are weekends better? Are Tuesday mornings better? Test, test and test some more.

It may take more than one posting of your Affiliate link in order to get that first sale.  But don’t overdo it. People will get bored and lose interest if you post a lot. So yes, its also about getting the balance right.

3. Killer Tip. Targeted products for a Targeted Audience. Only add links to products that you’re sure your friends on Facebook are interested in. If you’re into fitness and exercise and many of your friends on Facebook are into the same, then you will have more luck recommending fitness products from Amazon.

Excellent. Please let me know how you get on with Amazonand Facebook. Comments are always welcome. Subscribe to my Newsletter now and stay up to date.

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