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Benefits. Why you need to advertise here.

This is a highly targeted site with a highly targeted domain name that receives and attracts highly targeted visitors everyday.

This site isn’t named after me (my name dotcom).

Visitors are not here because they are curious about me. No. They arrived here because they clicked on a link about making money online.

If your product or offer or service is about making money online then you have hit the right audience.

Right Hand Side – Sidebar advertising. The cost is $250 USD per calendar month. Your ad can only run for the calendar month that you specify.

Your banner needs to be 300 px wide by 250. All sidebar ads are rotated:

There now follows 3 Free Advertising Tips from me:

Free Tip #1. Use a good, attractive and easily noticed banner. In my experience animated banners perform better.

Free Tip #2. Use a good lead capture page.

Free Tip #3. Always track your advertising. If it works, scale it up.

Payment is via PayPal but you need to contact me first with your banner creative and your destination link.

– Ugo

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