MyAdvertisingPays Review

MyAdvertisingPays Review

Hi everybody. Ugo here.

Now this needs to be a fair review. All my reviews are fair. What this means is that I will tell you whats so great about My Advertising Pays.

Then I will tell you what is awful about the thing.

Then I will leave you to make up your own mind.

Now that’s fair isn’t it?

To prove that this is a fair review, I will state first and clearly that I AM an affiliate of My Advertising Pays. Yet I will give you a surprisingly honest and balanced review.

Let’s get to it: MyAdvertisingPays Review

First, take a look at the My Advertising Pays capture site here and sign up:

OK? Good!

Here’s what you need to know about My Advertising Pays. My Advertising Pays is 2 things:

1. It is an advertising network – a platform for marketers to advertise business opportunities. It is a network for you to use to advertise business services and similar products.

2. It is designed to make money for all members. Yes. My Advertising Pays is designed to make money for ALL its members.

Revenue sharing. This is when a company shares the money that it makes with the company members. My Advertising Pays uses a Revenue Sharing model. This is how everyone gets paid. 100%

So instead of keeping all the profit and all the money for itself, My Advertising Pays shares this money with advertisers who are using the network.

How many advertising systems that you use pay you back? Google doesn’t! Your favorite TV channel doesn’t!

Now. Three great thing about My Advertising Pays

1. It is based on advertising. The advertising industry has existed from the beginning of time and is not going anywhere. The Advertising industry is huge, huge , huge and billions get spent on advertising every year, worldwide.

2. Corporations will use My Advertising Pays’ network of sites to advertise. This model brings money into the organization.

3. Is is simple to use: Login. Buy Advertising. Get paid.

Now for three not-so- great things about My Advertising Pays.

1. You need to view ads. Everyday. Or you will not get paid. That’s just the way it is. You must login everyday and view 10 ads to get paid. So this is not a set-and-forget business.

2. Design Clutter. I counted 13 different ads on the homepage of My Advertising Pays. If I was an advertiser, I would be concerned that my ad would be lost in that mix-up. Clutter made it difficult to find the most important feature: the sign up link. Clutter on the homepage makes navigating the homepage of My Advertising Pays a little tricky

my advertising pays review
my advertising pays review


3. It is expensive. Advertising on My Advertising Pays is expensive. It is cheaper to advertise elsewhere. So here I would track my ads and see if they were converting well. You should always be doing this anyway. Another way round this is to use My Advertising Pays to only ever promote Big-ticket expensive items.

So there you have it.

However, ON BALANCE, because of the idea of sharing revenue with member advertisers and because of the huge billion dollar advertising industry and because My Advertising Pays is designed such that everybody earns, I recommend My Advertising Pays to you. And I happily do this.

This is why I joined and I recommend you to join. So get your own membership here today:

…and take advantage of a great Network that offers a simple and effective income solution for everybody.



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