Advertising. Why yu noh do it?

So I have become an advertiser. I once wrote an article – a lesson in fact. It was about how to sell on the internet without actually having to sell to people. You see, most people do not like selling to people.

It’s a bit like working in a shop. If people came in my shop and bought stuff and left, that would be cool. But if I had to go up to them, and say “hello” and convince them to buy stuff, that would be different.

Many people hate the idea of ‘selling’. To them, it’s uncomfortable and unnatural. And worst of all, you face REJECTION.

So no one really likes to sell. I get visitors to my Blog who arrived here because they searched for ‘how to make money online without selling’. For them, selling is a problem. In my lesson, I show you how to make sales and make money without selling.

But here’s the thing.

To make money online, you need to promote products or services. The more you promote, the more money you make. Let’s not be kidding each other. By ‘promote’, I know and you know that what I really mean is ADVERTISE.

So to make money online, you need to learn advertising. What’s your free advertising gig? What’s your paid advertising gig? If you were going to promote the hell out of an offer, what would be your strategy?

My blog is my free advertising. I’ve got banners and articles all over the place. It doesn’t cost me a dime to advertise on my blog.

To ratch things up to the next level, I purchase advertising. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, most times somewhere in-between.

Here’s what I do: I advertise offers across the internet. I advertise offers on my blog. I even advertise my blog itself.

Right now, I am advertising some gaming offers on facebook. Facebookers love playing games. So if they sign up to my gaming offer, I get paid. Unfortunately, the advertising campaigns are not profitable. So I will have to kill them. And find a profitable way.

The point is if you are not living, eating and breathing advertising then you will not be making money online.

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Let’s get some!


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