Affiliate Marketers: Why I will never ignore classified ad sites.

I am an affiliate marketer. I get paid to promote great products and services online. All I do is promote, promote, promote.

So I am always looking for the best ways and the cheapest ways to promote products. Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality.

Let’s break this down: Classified Ad Sites.

These sites are one of the most overlooked places to promote online. Many marketers avoid promoting on classified ad sites. This is mainly because of the volume of intense work involved: you need to post all your ads by hand. But here’s the thing: Visitors to classified ad sites are looking to buy.

Anyone who is online and is looking to buy anything is my immediate best friend (ibf)

Most other internet users are looking for information. Someone on a classified ad site has their purse in one hand and their mouse in the other. As soon as they see what they want or what they are searching for, they will buy immediately.

This is a special group of people. So you need to get your affiliate link out there in front of them.

Classified ad sites are generally free to use. After a week, a month or a year, your ad will expire and you will receive an email invitation to renew it.

Top Tip
Get a long list of classified ad sites. Sit down quietly every day and slowly work your way down the list, posting your ad as you go. Affiliates who are strapped for cash need to focus and master classified ad sites.

Posting ads is also a great way to build backlinks. Backlinks help both people and search engines find your site.

To ramp things up a bit, I occasionally pay a small dollar amount to have my ad better positioned and more prominent and displayed for longer.

Another Top Tip
When advertising on classified ad sites, test, test, test. Use some tracking method to see what sites are sending you the most visitors. Then focus in.

What is your free advertising gig? Does it include classified ad sites? What experiences do you have? Comments are always welcome.

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