Affiliates: What products should you promote to make money online?

I am an affiliate marketer. What product should I promote in order to make money online?

This is THE question that keeps many internet marketers awake at night. If it doesn’t keep you awake at night then it should.

It doesn’t keep me awake at night anymore because I now know the answer. Read on to find out:

In fact, there are several related questions to go along with the often-asked and ever-popular “what should I promote online?”question:

Here are some: what should I promote? How should I best promote it? Why are *they* promoting this? And so on.

I have studied the top 100 products in clickbank. If you don’t already know, is an online marketplace where affiliates like you and me can choose from over 12,000 (yes, 12,000) products to promote. That’s quite a few to choose from. You see now why I only went for the top 100 for my research analysis.

I found out what the top three products in clickbank that sell the most.

So this is what I found: the top three products were the top three because they generated the greatest sales volume: thousands of affiliates were selling these top three products and thousands of buyers were buying these products.

Clearly these products were easy to sell.

You do NOT want to waste all your time and money promoting a product that will never sell.

You WANT to sell a product that you know sells very well and you want to sell it to a HUGE and HUNGRY MOB eager to PAY YOU for the product.

Of 12,000 products that affiliates from all over the world were selling, the top three products were:

1. A ‘make money online’ product
2. A ‘how to lose weight’ product
3. An ‘improve your relationship’ product.

Don’t promote anything else.

No, that’s not fair. There are hundreds, if not thousands of other types of products that you can promote but by far, these have the greatest demand and feature the largest number of paying customers for you to tap into right now.

It’s glaringly obvious if you think about it.

Everybody wants more money, everybody wants to lose a little weight and look good and everybody wants to be in a great relationship. It’s human nature.

The other very important thing to know is that these three *niches* are evergreen. This means that there is no FAD here. For generations to come, you will always be able to promote these three products.

They will forever be in demand.

In the next few weeks, I will tell you about some of the most important methods that I use to promote my affiliate products. Effectively.

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