How to become a Jet Pilot

How to become a Jet Pilot 

If you watched Top Gun, or even of you didn’t, being a Pilot of a jet is cool. Being a fighter jet Pilot is even cooler. Like they say, its the coolest job in the world. Definitely.

Anyway, I just found a new way to fly jets  – and you don’t get to be air sick either. Imagine all those G-Forces!

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  1. Becoming a real jet pilot takes years of dedication and a heck of a lot of money or financial backing. Even a model jet is an expensive hobby. I should know. I wrecked a couple of prop r/c aircraft which wiped out my finances. You should try and dig out some pics of the guys who built a working B52 bomber r/c model. Cost about $50k and they crashed it twice! Have fun,


    Steven Lucas

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