Best Practice with Guaranteed Signups in SFI

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Best Practice: This is what I do with my personal signups and this is how I get the best possible results. You do not have to do this but it is what I have found to give me the best response and best results from my signups. Do you want active signups and and an active downline? Here is what I do:

1. Think Big. There is no point ordering one signup. Or 5 or 10 or 20 even. If you are going to buy signups then buy them in large quantities. Response rate amongst the best quality signups are typically between 2 and 10 percent. Out of 1000 international signups that I tested, 16 people became EAs in the first month. Out of 112 signups from another source that I tested, 12 were active in the first week and started collecting versa points within days. So always expect that the more signups you order, the more activity there will be in your team. Consider ordering 100 to 1000 guaranteed signups as a minimum.

2. Don’t order and then sit back.Your signups will arrive quickly. Expect emails from them. Always reply to emails. You will get emails from your signups. If you are at least EA level, then you will have enough experience to answer 90% of the questions that your new signups will ask you. The typical questions that my personal signups ask me are:

What is SFI?
How much will I get paid?
What is VP?
How can I get more VP?
Do I have to upload a photo? I don’t want to.
Can you give me some Tcredits?
Help me. I can’t confirm the email address.

These questions are easy. If you can’t answer them, forward them to your Upline or direct your new Affiliate to SFI Support for help.

Do not order your new signups and then go away on vacation for 3 weeks. Please stay and help them. Maximise your investment. Be an awesome sponsor.

3. Get to Know, Use and Like your ‘Online’ filter in your Genealogy. If you don’t know what this is then do not order any signups. Go and read up on this and then come back. When you start to receive your signups, check your Genealogy to see who is online. Check several times every day. New signups always remain online for a few minutes after joining. Catch them while they are hot! Click the yellow flag next to their name and send them this short and effective SFI Instant Message.

“Hello this is xxxxx your Sponsor in SFI. Please let me know how I can help you to get started with SFI”

This proves to them that there is a real person they can rely on in SFI and they will not be left alone to struggle in SFI. (Replace the xxxxx above with your own name)

You need to be a member of SFI first. If you are not a member, you can join SFI here

Purchase your SFI guaranteed signups from Triple Clicks here.

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