BetRobot is back. What do I do now?

BetRobot is back. What do I do now?

So BetRobot is making a slow comeback. Some of the functionality seems to be returning.

According to the latest update (published via Telegram App and all in German language), they were hacked!

True story? … Or not. I don’t know!

BetRobot say they already lost around $1 Million Dollars to hackers!! (Around 500 Bitcoin)


Is all this really true? Or is all this a carefully orchestrated S-C-A-M?

Are they victims and lost 1 million to hackers?

Or are they perpetrators and have 500 BTC locked away safely?

Who knows?

Sadly, the owners are still anonymous so I can’t even ask them direct questions.

Who the hell is Mr X anyways?

However, according to the latest BetRobotr News update, records of money invested by each of their 100,000 members still remains as do these funds.

So you can continue to earn 6% daily from your originally invested funds.

This is some good news for investors! …possibly, I think.

BetRobot is back. What do I do now?

So what do you do now?

As you know, being a faithful reader of my blog, I also put funds into BetRobot.

Betrobot investments

So what do I do now?

Well here are the options as I see them:

  1. Option 1. Exciting. Wait till BetRobot returns to full functionality and then start all over again. No, not start all over again, continue from where I left off. Invest more money and build my income from BetRobot up to millions as planned. 6% daily is good, if not great even. But this is risky. What if they get hacked again? Or run into further “technical difficulties” of one kind or another?
  2. Option 2. Rather Boring. Get out. Get out now and Get out fast. Once bitten, twice shy as dear old Granny Ugo used to day. You’ve learned your lesson Son, now move on. I should find something less risky, more stable and with a better track record. Don’t be greedy etc etc

If you love passive income like BetRobot, check out Future Net and Traffic Hurricane now.

It remains to be seen whether they will ever truly return and build themselves up to be a mighty force to reckon with in the high risk / high return / Surebet / mobile app / make-money-online arena.


Here are two important lessons to learn.

  1. Lesson number one: Multiple Income Streams. Multiple Income streams. Multiple Income Streams.
  2. Lesson number two: Never ever put in what you cannot afford to lose. Even seasoned millionaires will tell you this. That’s why they are millionaires.

I believe (and I always will) in multiple streams of income. That’s why I created the Home Business Success System.

Some important questions:

Did you invest in BetRobot?

How much did youinvest?

How much have you lost?

How much did you get back?

What do you think of their “sorry, we were hacked” story?

Are you staying or leaving?

If you leave, what program will you turn to?

Comments go in the box below.

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