BetRobot Daily Income Results Ugo Okonkwo

BetRobot Daily Income Results Ugo Okonkwo

My BetRobot Daily Income Results Paid in Bitcoin

“These Daily Bitcoin Payments Won’t Stop Coming”

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May 15th I invested 0.07BTC (0.07 x1800 = around  $126 ) into BetRobot

I began to earn a daily “Reward” of 0.001057108BTC  SIX times DAILY ($10.7 earned daily) from BetRobot

After around 2.5 days (May 17) I earned enough to either reinvest or withdraw. (minimum needs to be 0.02BTC ($36) to reinvest or 0.01BTC  ($18) to withdraw)

I chose to reinvest my BetRobot Bitcoin earnings back into BetRobot

Conclusion: BetRobot seems to be working. Use this link to join.

It’s an App. Must use your phone.


Day 3: May 17 2017


Day 2: May 16 2017


Day 1: May 15 2017

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