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BetRobot News, [25.05.17 12:15]
We’re just trying to put the Invest on 30 days as you wanted. Please wait


BetRobot News, [25.05.17 11:49]
Minimum deposit 0.05btc
Minimum payout 0.05btc
Minimum reinvest 0.05btc

With 100,000 people it is unfortunately no longer possible under it, everything else would simply be too much burden for the server.
The first payout is however without limit.


BetRobot News, [25.05.17 11:09]
[Forwarded from BetRobot Support]
Hello dear community.

We have good and bad news. But first of all I would like to give you a little insight into our day so that you can understand what was going on.
This morning, we were all perplexed. We had no clue. There was no DDOS attack and 500 Btc were on the nodes to pay in and out. So far we knew it. Around noon came the scripters and said they had a clue. This idea seemed logical and was quickly checked. So we went to work with certain people to get in touch. But the whole thing turned out to be wrong and we lost all hope. Because the principle behind the idea was good and the only possible … In the community was only sued, as received many very negative messages and with the Scripter went ever more and more oblivious before their eyes without that they knew what they can do and should. Without an enemy one can not fight.
Should we really go down? After only 3 months? Despite such a long and elaborate preparation for everything? Despite the otherwise usually extremely positive feedback? We should only tell you that we are down?
But we reckoned with it.
Fortunately, however, our Best Scripter came up with an idea and this time she really did. It was an extremely perfidious and sneaky hacker attack. In the background, he began slowly to destroy everything, piece by piece. Beginning at our junctions of which since yesterday’s steadily but steadily money was stolen. We thought it is currently only a lot of money because the bot does not run first. But after we screwed up the payouts and the money went so far, it was clear that we had a huge technical problem.
This was the beginning of the work. Everyone worked to counter the attack and to secure as much data as possible, we did not know how much the hackers had already destroyed. With a lot of coffee, Red Bull and loud music was high-rise here the whole evening and the whole night. After hours of hard work it was finally done!
The hacker attack was repulsed.
But what was left of your data?
We sat the rest of the night to secure everything that was going to be secured and, in parallel, to create new servers with an extremely good security system so that something like this could never happen again.
The real money invested is running through our wallets so we can trace it back and restore the data. Of your Reinvest, however, there was only one data chaos left. We did not know exactly how much reinvest belonged, and with more than 100,000 people such an assignment is really impossible.
Your matrix has always been backed up externally, as new tables and graphics are generated every week.
I think so slowly, everyone who reads this is starting to understand. And for that we really want to apologize. That should not have happened. We have always set ourselves the goal, so there is no website or landing page. That makes us too vulnerable. And yet, people have managed to steal part of our data and money from the nodes.
We are so infinitely sorry. We really did our best. We did not want to go online any more until an investor told us that most of his downline have already got their startinvest out of the way and are only making a profit so far. And yes they lost their money but when we do not go online again, these people do not have the possibility to rebuild this money. And those who are new and have just invested, will continue to receive their 6% since the real plans have remained. So he asked us to come back online, even though we had to push such a heavy blow. Also we have lost nearly 500 btc yesterday, which with current status more than one M

BetRobot News, [25.05.17 11:09]
[Forwarded from BetRobot Support]
Illion euro are. But we’re not going to let it happen! We get up again, for you. So that you at least get the chance to rebuild it all!
We understand when some of you say it’s too hot for you to get out. That is why we have also set the first payout as unlimited. So you do not have to reach a certain amount until you can pay off. But please let me give you a piece of advice for the future: life is full of risks. All over. We are not a Hyip (and we certainly are not), as a small marginal note, we already 10 million euro real invested and we paid nearly 30 million by the reinvest) but as you have seen any, well German said, Arschlöcher wanted Us one wipe and have done it. We really have no idea if we can recover from it, but we hope that our BetRobot family stands Behind us, as we have always stood behind you!
We are the biggest and most powerful bot currently. We are a family and as a family one always stands for the other! So far you’ve done this great, you trusted us. If this is now gone, we can understand it and wish every one of us heartfelt good wishes for the future!
But those who are now behind us and say ‘shit on it, my own invested money has not gone away in contrast to other bots and the game money I can build up again’ to whom we would like a huge thank you! Together we can do it again. Together, we can work up again and show the whole recruiters and people who say we are down a certain finger.
Let us all show that the BetRobot family is all over!

Your support and Mister X.


BetRobot News, [24.05.17 07:42]

Our Scripter thinks that they know the problem. Now they have to be sure about it and fix it!
Please understand that this takes time. But I think we can explain you in 6-12 hours what’s going on here.

Please stay calm. So many people got so much money, we are not a normal hyip or scam. But even the best trouble sometimes!

Your support and mister x


BetRobot News, [23.05.17 18:17]
Hello BetRobot Community!

As you surely recognised we’re lately facing some problems with investment and withdrawals.

Our team is on it. But our scripters can’t find any DDOS attacks or anything similar.

We’re awfully sorry for all the circumstances we may have caused, and are working eagerly on a fast solution!

Please, stay calmed and focus on your trust. We did it trough many hard times in the past. And we will handle this to. Together, as a community.

Your SupportTeam


BetRobot News, [23.05.17 07:09]
Good morning community.

Like you noticed our bot was really slow yesterday because there were so many people trying to withdraw tiny amounts which makes everything slow.
When many user withdraw every time they reached the 0.01 btc we have such a big amount of waiting withdraws and nobody is happy with that.
BetRobot is for real investors who understand what this business means. Who aren’t scared because they could loose 20$. We have many people making much money so be one of them! Make money! Don’t be scared.

And don’t forget we are the biggest bot at the moment with more than 100.000 investors.
You are part of a huge bot known all over the world. You can earn much money and that’s what makes us proud. Maybe some of you can now buy the notebook they wanted since a few years or you can pay your debts.
Please careful with us, with the bot. We are one big family.

And for the one who really understand how BetRobot works we have a new rule that everything works fast again:
minimum invest: 0,03 BTC
Minimum withdraw: 0,05 BTC
Minimum reinvest: 0,02 BTC

And by the way in our offline business, the Surebets, the mimimum Invest is 10k.
Now it’s real business here. You can earn lots of money if you want.

Have much fun with the bot!
Your support and mister x

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