BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion.

BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion.


This is my BetRobot Review entitled [BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion]

There are BetRobot reviews here and here and another BetRobot review here. So BetRobot is rather popular across the web right now.


What is BetRobot?

BetRobot is an online money making opportunity.

You invest money using Bitcoin cryptocurrency and get paid 6% daily in return. It’s that simple.

6% paid to you daily is 180% paid to you per month.

So if you invest $100, in one month, you will have earned $180, nearly doubling your original (seed) money.

Invest $1000 and you earn 6% daily until you reach $1800 at month 1.

The principle of how it works is this: a system is being used for sports betting. It is automated betting (hence the name BetRobot). This means that the wins are consistent.

Consistent wins means that you can be paid a pretty much guaranteed 6% daily.

The process is done through the Telegram App. I’ve not come across Telegram before. I downloaded it onto my iPhone 6 Plus from the App Store. Telegram appears to me a messaging app, much like WhatsApp.

This is the main company website:

Sadly, no main website exists for BetRobot

I found this however:

BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion. Betrobot company website

This is the link to their Facebook page:

However, I performed a search on Google for the term “betrobot facebook”. I found over 40,000 results.

BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion. Betrobot-facebook Google result

BetRobot Introduction Video

This is a great video about BetRobot and how it works. The producer even suggests a strategy for safe success and good profits with BetRobot. I’ve taken the video from YouTube. It’s by Cryp Tony. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.


The founders have publicly stated that they prefer to remain anonymous. Once you’re in the Telegram App, you can find out more about how it works and what the owners are like. Here’s a screen shot (everybody loves a screen shot) from my trusty iPhone 6  Plus.

BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion. Betrobot founders

So I took their advice and Googled Surebets. Here’s what I got.

BetRobot and Surebets. BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion

Sounds like they stole / borrowed  ideas / technology / software from an entity called Surebets and may get into serious trouble for doing so. Am I wrong? Comments go in the box below.

BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion.

What are BetRobot the products?

Tricky one this…

There’s no actual physical product.

It could be the software is the product – is the betting robot BetRobot the product here? But betting is not a new idea. If you are placing bets, do you need a product in the equation?

Real businesses have real products. Or they have real services. Or they have both. So then this isn’t a business. Nobody said it was. Then it must be a money game.

What do I have to do to make money?

Invest all your hard-earned money.

No. Invest as much or as little as you want. Entirely up to you.

You may invest as much as you want at any time. The minimum investment is 0.02BTC. 0.02Bitcoin is around $35USD or £27GBP or twice the price of the watch I’m wearing now.

Further Income Streams

There is a referral system.

If you introduce new members, you get rewarded.

  1. Level 15%
  2. Level 3%
  3. Level 2%

So let’s say you refer Jane and Jane joins. You earn 15% of whatever Jane invests. If Jane refers Sam, Jane gets 15% of whatever amount Sam invests. you will get 3% of whatever Sam invests. If sam refers Antonio, you earn 2% of  Antonios investment and Sam gets 3%.

What is the BetRobot Compensation Plan?

  1. You earn 6% on your investment.
  2. You earn 20% of your referrals investments (15% + 3% + 2%)
  3. You earn from the Appreciation of Bitcoin.

How much does it cost to join?

It is free to join, free to explore and free to use.

How much money can I make?

Millions. If you invest enough, For long enough. And the system continues to pay out.

My summary.

This is my summary of my BetRobot Review [BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion].

Fantastic idea because:

Big, fast money.

Bigger, Faster and Better than the Bank.

Bigger, Faster and Better than the Lottery.

Bigger, Faster and Better than your Job.

No need to build a team or sponsor people or chase customers or fire / hire employees or handle products or…. you get the picture. It’s a crisp clean digital idea.

Bitcoin is going up in value. Up and up and up. If you are making money in Bitcoin, you are smart. Simple.

I don’t like Because:

Who are the owners?

Why are they anonymous?

I prefer doing business with real people with real faces, don’t you.

I like to see real addresses and real phone numbers of my business associates, don’t you?

Bitcoin transactions have no refunds. (I’ll say that again) Bitcoin transactions have no refunds.

It’s not like you’re paying with your credit card or via a reputable payment processor like PayPal where you can complain. Or request a refund because it didn’t go to plan. Not so with Bitcoin. If you get stuffed, you get stuffed where it hurts. And hard too!

There is no actual product that I can see. Look up PONZI. And while you’re at it, look up HYIP. Tread carefully. BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion.

Sounds good Ugo. How do I find out more?

Better still, How do I get started???

Click this link

You need to click the link in your phone. It won’t work otherwise.

Download Telegram App then click this


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BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion

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Bet Robot Review. Is Bet Robot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion

Have you downloaded the app?

Did you invest?

How much did youinvest?

Have you made any money?

Did you get paid?

How long will it last?

If you have questions, or answers, comment below.

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14 thoughts on “BetRobot Review. Is BetRobot A Scam? Yes It Is, In My Opinion.”

  1. Unfortunately, I just got scammed with this. I invested 0.02BTC last May 23, 2017. It has been successfully paid. I provided my proofs to support even if they are just asking about the amount and time of transaction: online wallet payment verification and emailed payment verification. Until now, my 0.02BTC doesn’t reflect and support says my ticket is closed. Therefore, my 0.02BTC is gone. It’s a small amount but that’s still something I worked hard for. I posted my thoughts in the group. They even blocked me. How can those in the admin be so unprofessional? So be careful when you invest on this! They are having troubles lately and they say HACKERS are to be blamed. Well if they can blame hackers now, they can blame hackers again next time. Not all people are stupid.

  2. Well, guess what. since yesterday evening the bot does not respond to any of the command. I think the author of this post was right. This sounds like another SCAM again 🙁

    1. Yes Steve. Launched in March, BetRobot is already having major issues.
      Growing pains?
      They are currently not paying out and they are not calculating earnings.
      They say they have some technical problems and their “scripter” is working on it.
      Are these red flags?
      Are these excuses?
      Are these genuine problems that are being genuinely addressed by a genuine organisation? – Watch this space.
      To be fair, the owners have not yet shut down BetRobot completely.
      They have kept the discussion group open and it is still alive and active with hundreds of nervous members chatting and anticipating the next bit of news.
      The owners of BetRobot are keeping communication lines open with updates.
      Let’s see what happens next …

  3. I find it funny that this guy is saying that the system is a scam meanwhile he puts in the the he’s referral link to earn that 15% from Bet Robot. So who’s the scammer now?

    1. Hi John. Thanks for your comment. BetRobot is working and it is paying right now. It is still high risk. It will definitely not last long term. You need a strategy. For example: Invest, get paid, withdraw your seed money (original investment) asap then continue to invest using your profit only. This strategy (and there are several others) minimizes your risk. I’m a blogger. I also make money online. If I don’t write this article, someone else will. Therefore I will blog, state my opinion, and make a million dollars doing it.

  4. I invested 0.02BTC which cost me $45au & 4 days later I withdrew 0.025BTC which gave me $57au. I then used the profit left over to reinvest. So therefore it can not be a scam as I have withdrawn more than I originally invested.

    1. They have clearly mentioned on their website ( that “After 17 days, you will have your initial investment back……”. So how can you withdraw your invested amount after 4 days only?

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