BetRobot Top Earners Results

BetRobot Top Earners Results

BetRobot Top Earners Results

Two days ago, I wrote a review of BetRobot here.

As always, my daily research into top programs and popular programs continues.

I have searched for and found 2 Leaders in BetRobot who are not afraid to publish their results.

Heres what I found:

Simon Stepsys

But first, here’s a 16 minute video by Simon Stepsys describing and introducing BetRobot.

Simon Stepsys is an experienced online marketer.

Here are Simon’s BetRobot results

Simon Stepsys BetRobot result

That’s $1.7million in earnings and 43 BitCoin profit. 43BTC is around $70,000.

Azlisham Azizan

Azlisham Azizan is an experienced online marketer.

He too is promoting BetRobot.

Here are Alisham Azizan’s also impressive BetRobot results:

Notice how they have over 2000 referrals each.

BetRobot was launched in March. This is May. 2 months.

The only way to get such a large number of referrals in such a short period of time is by:

  1. Having access to a large email list of opportunity seekers – typically your own email list of subscribers who know you, like you, trust you and sign up to pretty much whatever you promote.
  2. Heavy advertising. A good example is via solo ads such as sold at Udimi Solo Ads or advertising to the community of members at Global Money Line.

You will need a  system to capture email addresses of your subscribers and to email them daily.

Your emails will need to encourage your subscribers to register with BetRobot and begin to invest for profit.

A popular system for collecting, managing and sending emails is Neil Guest’s Power Lead System.

There is clearly a lot of money to be made using BetRobot and you get paid in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is going up in value virtually daily. So making money in Bitcoin is smart. Your reward is twofold.

Getting started with BetRobot can be financially rewarding as seen but it is high risk.

Join, but do so at your own risk.

BetRobot works on your phone using the Telegraph App.

To get started use this link to download the Telegraph App onto your PHONE.

So read this article with your phone and click the link:

Then use this link to register and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have the Telegraph App, you can reach me here for help:

Place your comments in the space below.

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