Blockchain Referral Program

Blockchain Referral Program

What is a Blockchain?

Definition of Blockchain. A Blockchain is a method of keeping records of all transactions that have taken place in crypto currency eg Bitcoin transactions. These records are freely available for the public to see.

There are further definitions by Wikipedia here and by Investopedia. Also check out definition of Blockchain (you’ll need an email address to access Blockgeeks.)

Blockchain Referral Program

What is

This is different. is an electronic wallet or eWallet where you can store your Bitcoin online.

Once you open a Blockchain account, you can purchase Bitcoin directly by using your credit card or via bank transfer. Once you’ve purchased Bitcoin, it is held in your eWallet. From here, you can make Bitcoin payments or you can request payment in Bitcoin. To request payment in Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin address. generates a new address for you each time you need to receive a payment.

Is safe?

Important to note that using a different Bitcoin address each time you request and receive a payment makes it hard for anyone to track your transactions online. This is a good security feature.

Does have a referral program?

No. does not have a referral program at the time of writing.

How can I make money online and get paid in Bitcoin?

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Article concludes: Blockchain Referral Program

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