Blog layout strategy. What is yours?

Blog layout strategy. What is yours?


If you are serious about making money on the internet or internet marketing than you must own your own website.


I am not referring to the niche websites that you have made in order to promote top quality products for money.


I am referring to your own personal piece of real estate on the net. Your personal website where you publish details about your ideas, expectations, actions, beliefs, thoughts, opiniions and results.


Update your website daily. Make it personal and it becomes a Blog.


You need to do this because it immediately sets you apart from hundreds of thousands of wannabe marketers who hope to make money online.


Your Blog will become respected if it is a quality source of material and information about your subject. It will become a respected Blog if you have a personal presence.


I will tell you now that people will only buy from you if there is a pre-existing relationship between you and them. Your Blog is where you build this relationship.


So with time, you will add interesting information, great tools and educational material to your blog. This is how you build an Authority Site. Authority sites are respected sites.


This leads me to the strategy that you will use to build your site.


Blog layout strategy. What is yours: Your site needs to have 5 main sections.


This site has main sections. Maybe a few more or a few less but 5 is a good place to start. It is often all that you require.



1. My Blog has a Blog. There is a section of my site called Blog. You can create a section of your site and call it blog or your entire site can be just one big blog. The Blog is where you post regular updates about your online activities  your thoughts, your plans, what you are up to, what you are afraid of and so on.


2. Hundreds of meaty articles. This site is about how to make money online. I know that everyday, thousands of people search the web for how to make money online. They use hundreds of search terms like:


How to make money fast.

How to make money for teens.

How to make money by reading emails,

How to make money using Amazon etc etc.


To attract these visitors to my site, I write articles using these search terms as article titles. I have all the answers because I spend hours studying different methods, following super-affiliates, analyzing products and affiliate networks, asking other experts questions and of course, helping people online.


I have hundreds of articles to write about How to make money online. I have decided to place all these articles in the same section and call the section Make Money Online. So these articles serve a slightly different purpose to the articles that I write in the Blog section.


Although all the articles in the Make Money Onlne section are informative, they are also carefully chosen to target these important keywords. This specific approach to writing and adding articles to my site will add to the traffic that I get from search engines.



3. About you – who you are. Please, please, please do not create a faceless no-name blog. Use your real name, use pictures of yourself. Use video.


Be a real person. Write it all in the ‘About me’ section.


You will soon begin to get famous. And Rich! The internet makes it so easy. If readers cannot find information about you, it will damage your business  If readers can find information about who you are, it will help your business.


Give your readers information that will make them stay on your site. Even if you think that it is boring. (It probably isn’t). The longer visitors stay on your site, the better  Even search engines are impressed by this.


We are all nosey. More people want to know about the intimate details of your life than you think. So tell them all. (Or at least some of the detail that you are comfortable with sharing).


4. Conatct details. Anyone who asks you a question online:


Is testing your knowledge

Wants to see how quick you are with responding

Likes you

Needs help

Values yor opinion

Wants to make friends

Will be interested in your recommendations

Is more likely to buy from you than some other faceless Blog owner


So do what I do. Have a clear section that is dedicated to how you can be contacted. And respond quickly and clearly to questions and comments.


Many people are on facebook. Some only like twitter. I want to use skype more. Everybody has email.


You must have all of these and more. Include a contact form. Place ALL your contact details on your ‘contact me now’ page.


5. Resources. If you are making money online, you are using tools. Tell your readers what tools you are using because:


It will help them to decide and choose what works best for them.

It forces you to think about what tools you are using and why.

**Some of these tools can earn you money if your readers buy the tool through your referral link


These tools can be:


Aweber which you use to manage your emails

WordPress which you use to build websites quickly and easily

A good free online 30 free lesson course which shows you how to do everything.



Blog layout strategy. What is yours? Conclusion

So conceiving, creating and continuing with your blog is the essence of all that you do online. Everything revolves around this. A well laid out and thoughtfully presented site is King.


Share this article now. Comment below and tell me what you technique is for Blog layout.

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