Facebook vs Snapchat

Sit up and pay attention:

First it was MySpace.

Now it’s Facebook.

Twitter came up.

Google+ is waking.

Next, it’ll be Snapchat!

Let me explain. If you are serious about making money online them you will definitely be using Facebook. You will be using Facebook in these three ways:

1. Connecting with people. They like your stuff and you like their stuff. You post stuff and they read your stuff. You post an affiliate link and they buy from you. Super!

2. Buying traffic on Facebook. Also known as paying to advertise on Facebook. Used to be cheap. Now it isn’t.

3. Creating Facebook pages. So you can use the page to promote the heck out of any product, keeping it separate from the rest of your Facebook activity.

The only reason why facebook works is because it is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. So there is a very good chance that your affiliate link will be seen and people will sign up and join your program that you’re promoting.

But all devices are becoming mobile. We are using desktops less and less. All hail the tablet / pad.

We are also taking lots of photos. Of ourselves. Selfies.

But selfies are so… 2010

If you’re in, you’re doing video. If you’re not, you’re out.

Snapchat only got noticed because they are social and they focused on 2 up to date phenomena: video and mobile.

As a marketer, here’s what you need to do:

Play with sc.
Get to know it.
Use it to send traffic to your offer.
If they ever offer paid ads, you’ll be the first to know and that will be good if they’re cheap in the beginning.

This is Ugo. Comments are welcome.

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