How to build an email list FAST

How to build an email list FAST

The FASTEST WAY to sponsor a LARGE number of people into ANY opportunity is to email your subscriber list.

This method is fine and works extremely well IF YOU HAVE A LIST to email your offer to.

So what do you do if you are new?  Or you have no list? Or you are just starting?

Simple. Use a MAILER

A mailer is just a website where you can go and email your offer to thousands of online marketers and get a quick fast response.

Thousands of marketers use mailers daily and get a good response.

Here are 2 GREAT things about Mailers:

#1 Speed. Instantly send out your email to marketers.

#2 Numbers. Large numbers – you are mailing thousands, not hundreds or tens.


Here is how I do it.

I mail the list with TOOLS (Not Business Opportunities, not make money online offers).

Every Marketer needs tools eg Power Lead SystemFast-Start List Building. How to build an email list FAST

So I mail all the people on each Mailer with a link promoting a great tool such as Power Lead System.

People join Power Lead System – and they are now on my subscriber list.

Here are the Mailers that I use everyday.

Superlistexplode I am a Pro member here. Allows me to post to 30,000 members daily, for life.

Hotspotmailer Again, with my Pro account I can post to 30,000.

WonderMailer I send mail to 60000 members every 10 days for life with my Pro account

Million Leads For Free – Allows you to post to 5000 active members daily for 1 year (1.8 million)

Top Tip #1 Pro accounts are better than the free accounts and come with more options. Get Pro accounts

TopTip #2 Give away something for free – this will make you STAND OUT. I give away my Lead Getting System. Get your own copy to give away for free here.

Fast-Start List Building. How to build an email list FAST



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