Lesson 10 Hang on!…What is HOSTING?

Hosting is the space where your website is located. It is a physical computer provided by a Hosting Service. Once you have your hosting service all set up, it allows you to create pages of great and interesting information about the topic or product that you wish to recommend.

Lunarpages make it really easy to create websites. Choose the option for Basic Hosting.


After you’ve done this, you will now be able to begin the process of building your website. Using either cpanel or lunarpanel, with the push of a button, you will automatically install a piece software called WordPress.


WordPress is a platform for writing and publishing content onto the web via your new site. The process of getting WordPress up and running and publishing your first piece of content is very straightforward, simple and really takes just a few minutes.


Lets look at WordPress a little bit more in the next lesson. But first, if you haven’t already, purchase hosting and own your own website now.

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