Hello Ugo, Your WordPress blog is under attack

This is the email that I received from Lunarpages, my web host. Hello Ugo, Your WordPress blog is under attack. The attack was coming from spammers.

My real estate biography website was being attacked by spammer computer programs (bots). These bots were trying repeatedly to login to the admin area of my site and create new accounts. After creating these new and fake user accounts, the spammers would use these accounts to post spammy blog posts with links back to their sites.

These bots were making so many attempts to login to my site and using up so many resources that Lunarpages immediately alerted me.

The advice from Lunarpages was to:

1. Install Wordfence protection

2. Install W3 Total Cache

3. Make sure that all plugins and WordPress versions are up to date.

The problem is now fixed and my site is working as normal. In fact, Lunarpages did not even take my site offline. So I did not inconvenience any of my users. Only the admin login page was disabled from spammer use.

So a big thank you to Lunarpages my excellent hosts for protecting me and my site so efficiently and for providing great advice. My site is strong and secure.

Have you had any experience with spammers or hackers on your site? Be sure to comment below.

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