Here’s a simple plan for building a business that grows fast.

Someone shared a tip with me about leadership, and I’d like
to pass it along to you today.

You know what a “Vision Board” is, right?

It used to be a simple poster board with images of all the
“stuff” you wanted to attain…like a new car, a new house, a
vacation you want to go on, and so on…

The plan is here

Lots of networkers are using Pinterest now to build giant
vision boards of things they’d like to buy, trips they’d
like to go on, things that inspire them, and more…

And while I believe having a vision for your life is
incredibly important, the tip I’m going to give you
today might seem a little controversial.

Today, I’m encouraging you to put your
own vision board aside.

Now, call the leaders in your downline and ask them what
THEIR biggest goal is for their business.

What do they want more than anything?

Find an image that represents that “thing”, and put it
along with a photo of that rep somewhere where you’ll
see it everyday – on your refrigerator, on your bathroom
mirror, on the visor of your car.

And everyday when you wake up to work, I want you to
focus on how great that rep is going to feel when they
achieve that goal.

Don’t get attached to the outcome, because as you already
know – sometimes people quit the business.  But go into it
with an energy of gratitude, of giving, of being helpful to
those leaders on your team who are WORKING. I really
doubt that this person would quit if they reached their
goals especially if you helped them.

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