How to add Banner Ads to your WordPress Blog

Sneek Peek of my banners.! …I show you How to add Banner Ads to your WordPress Blog.  

Below is a picture of backstage to my site How to Get money online. It’s called the dashboard.   Please allow me to let you in and show you around my banner set up. 

Now I don’t just let anybody in here so you are definitely very privileged to see this 🙂 More on this later.

Placing Banner Ads on your site is NOT IMPORTANT because you need to do these 4 things first:

  1. You need to be working in a profitable niche this is important
  2. You need to be publishing great content this is even more important
  3. You need to be publishing regularly this is important
  4. You need a traffic / marketing strategy. Promote your site. This is important

Got all four of the above under you belt?  “Yes ?”, then you can start thinking about Advertising with Banners.

My lessons take you through step-by-step from Setting up your site to How to add great content regularly to adding advertising. It is important to do it in this order. You will get noted, you will get visitors and you will get a reputation because of your content.

And then you readers will notice your banners.

Keep the subject of the banners tightly focused on your site’s theme or topic and you will get more clicks on your banners.


How to Nuts-and-Bolts

I have a WordPress site so adding anything including banners is supremely easy. There are several plugins that you can use to add banners. I use MaxBannerAds from MaxBlogPress.

Here’s what you need to do:

Add Banners in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Goto MaxBlogPress
  2. Download MaxBannerAds to your desktop.
  3. Login to the dashboard of your WordPress Blog
  4. Go to Add New Plugin
  5. Add the MaxBannerAds plugin from your desktop

Now take a look at my picture below. Can you see my 13 banners?

The first 3 are ManageFlitter banners. I use ManageFlitter to manage my twitter account. ManageFlitter is an excellent tool. You should try it. And they have an affiliate program too.

So I’ve just put up 3 different styles of ManageFlitter banners to see which one ends up with the highest number of clicks. Of the three ManageFlitter banners, I will be watching the stats closely to see which one gets clicked on the most. I will keep the most clicked on banner and remove the remaining 2.

Tip #1
Test,test,test. Then only ever use what works.

So altogether if you count them, you will see that I have 13 banners rotating right now. (If you click to a different page on this site, you will see a different banner flash up.)


Wordpress Banners


Summary of How to add Banner Ads to your WordPress Blog

So get your site up and running. If you haven’t set up your own site yet, what are you waiting for? Put out your content, then use a great plugin like MaxBannerAds to place your advertising. See what works and then run with it!

Let’s Get Some Money! 🙂

Resource used in this article:

  1. MaxBannerAds from MaxBlogPress
  2. ManageFlitter

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