Lesson 25 How to add even more content to your website or blog to increase your traffic and income

How to add even more content to your website or blog to increase your traffic and income

Adding content to your site is good

Adding even more content is even better


Content informs / educates

Content entertains / stimulates

Content attracts traffic / money


Here are my best suggestions for adding even more content.


You will NEVER run out of ideas as from today.


Use Lists. Humans Love Lists

The World’s most famous user of lists has to be Forbes. They’ve got lists of everything vaguely wealth and finance related. And you know what? It keeps them busy.


They just keep producing these lists and their content just keeps on growing. Their lists keep their visitors and readers coming back to their site. Their lists are fascinating:


  1. Richest Billionaires in the World
  2. Richest in Real Estate
  3. Riches in Media
  4. The Worlds most powerful people
  5. Worlds most powerful celebrities
  6. Top Colleges
  7. And so on


These are just lists. And if lists are good enough for Forbes? They’re good enough for you. And me.


Of course it doesn’t have to be a top ten list. It could be a Top 5 or Top 3 even. How about a top one!







Interview someone. Anyone. And post it to your Blog. I bet you’re thinking “But who can I interview? I don’t know anyone famous. I don’t know anyone successful enough to interview”


Well I didn’t say interview someone rich or famous or successful. Just interview someone. We all like to read interviews about what other people in our niche are up to.


Remember that everyone has a story to tell. Whether they are just starting out in business, making mistakes, having a ball or bored…

Interview them.


You could even cheat! (What!?)


Write down 3 simple questions, Google 10 people who are active in what you are interested in and email them the same 3 questions:


How did you start?

What was most difficult?

What is your number one tip?


You will get some responses back. There’s your content albeit in a somewhat basic form.


However, I do not recommend that you do it exactly like I described. Or maybe you should. You will create a poor impression of yourself and your business. Or will you?


But the principle is sound.


The proper way is to choose your individual to be interviewed first, then choose a suitable medium: video vs email vs podcast. So much choice!


Then make your introduction and you’re away.


Reviews of products

  1. This is a great way to
  2. learn about products,
  3. share your knowledge and
  4. get some money online all at the same time.
  5. Its a no brainer.


Product reviews as we have already studied are read by potential purchasers who may well purchase through your affiliate link

Reviews of other sites

You spend a lot of time reading websites. (Maybe too much time even) Are you addicted to the net? Do you feel guilty if you have been reading other Blogs instead of working on your own Blog?


Well I used to do both. I used to spend too much time reading other Blogs and I used to feel guilty after 3 hours of my time evaporated into thin air. 3 hours never to return.


Until I had a revelation.


I decided to add Website reviews. So from now on if I come across a site that I liked, I would make a note of it in my Blog. A draft post. A good resource for me and a good resource for my readers too.

TopTip: How to review a website without the pain

  1. What do you like about the site?
  2. What do you hate about it?
  3. Whose site is it?
  4. What would you change?
  5. Rating out of 10

Reviews of Top Influencers in your niche

You probably know who these are. The Top Influencers in your niche are those individuals who are involved in the same business as you except for 2 differences:


  • They have been doing it longer than you have
  • They are doing it better than you are (sorry)


Because you have been following their illustrious career for years they now serve as your teachers and your mentors.


You now know so much about them that you could write pages and pages and pages about your opinion on them.


Now ask yourself:


  • Why do you like them?
  • What led to their success?
  • What makes them so great?
  • What don’t you like about them?
  • If you were them, what would you change?
  • When you become them,what would you do?


It’s a bit like writing a biography about someone or something or a business that you are interested in but keeping it short. Or serialising it to several posts.


If you don’t know anyone to write about, find out who you should be writing about and research them. Write about me.


Guest writers

Owning a website is great. You’re in charge and you’re responsible for the content. What gets published, when and by whom.


With time, your site will grow as it gathers pace and attains new heights of success. The interesting word in that last sentence is time.


A large website has at least 1000 pages. If you wrote 3 posts a day, it would take you a whole year to get there. How could you speed this up?


Its simple. Get help. Invite other writers to post on your site or to submit articles.


  1. You get the extra content that is relevant and useful to your readers.
  2. Your readers get a breath of fresh air away from your usual ramblings and
  3. The guest writer gets some exposure in front of a new audience.
  4. Everybody wins
  5. That’s a terrific result


It’s a bit like being the editor of a large newspaper with several reporters and journalists writing for your great paper.

At the very least, there will be new and interesting points of view of what is essentially the same material in the industry.


Personal stuff wins all the time.

For some reason (and sociologists are clever at this), we humans have a fascination with other peoples personal affairs.


I’ll prove it to you. You know when it’s evening time and you’re walking down the street past a row of houses (depends where you live). And its getting dark but not yet pitch black so most windows haven’t got the curtains closed yet.


What do you do? Do you walk straight down the road or do you glance through the windows to get a glimpse of what it looks like inside someone else’s home? Personally I make sure that I get a good look in whilst trying not to stare too much.


Why are tabloid newspapers so successful even though the quality and style of journalism is_______(fill in the blank).


Its because they focus on the personal affairs of celebrities.


Why are we so fascinated with MTV cribs? Why are we addicted to soaps on TV that chronicle personal lives in great detail? Because these are all personal insights into someone else’s life.


Want your Blog to be fascinating? Want more content? Add some personal detail.


The stats to the right of this page give some personal detail about this site. Who my visitors are, where they come from, what pages they visit and so on.


It is extra content.


For some its fascinating and keeps them coming back to this site just to check my stats. Because I’m giving away some personal detail into my websites functioning and its success.


Notice the advantage that you have here.

It is now 2013.

There are  millions of Blogs and Websotes out there.

Majority are nameless

Majority are faceless

This is good because by adding Personal, you will stand out.

Thank you for reading How to add even more content to your website or blog to increase your traffic and income

I know that you have some ideas on how to add even more content. Please post them below. Tweet this page. Then like this page. Subscribe to my newsletter.



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