Lesson 20 How to add links logos and labels that EARN YOU MONEY (the best bit!)

Why add links to your posts or articles?

Adding links is very important for your website because when readers click on your links you make money.

Either directly or indirectly. Let me explain, but first:


These are the type of links that you must always use on your site.

Links to other pages on your blog

Links to sites or blogs of other influential people in your field or niche

Links to other sites in your niche

Affiliate links to GET Money 🙂


Links to other pages in your blog.

This is important because:


it makes for a better reader experience. You are just letting your readers know that there is more information on your site for them to access. And because you are concerned for their need to access further information, you have kindly provided a link for them to use to access that information.


It also makes for a better writer experience too. By linking to your earlier posts, you avoid having to keep repeating yourself in your posts.



Another important reason to use links internally on your site between pages is a technical one.


Spiders / robots / computer programs that are running through your site and taking notes of all your great and useful information need to use your links to jump from one page to the next page.


So all and not just some of your pages will get ‘indexed’ if there is good interlinking between pages. But don’t overdo it.


Links to other influential people in your niche.

This is important especially if you are just starting out to write in your chosen field. Linking in this way to a page on another site or to a post on another Blog will give you some credibility. It will also take the focus off you and your relative inexperience a little.


It also shows that you are a well read individual and that you and your information is up to date.


There is also an added bonus that you get if you link to people of importance. When they notice that you have linked to them, they get an instant ego boost! They may in turn mention your site in a post of theirs for example. This could result in you receiving immense amount of traffic through that link.


You may even become listed in an ‘up and coming’ list – even more fame! So always link to my Blog !! 🙂


Side note: How to know when you have been linked to :


Free tip 1. Use wordpress. You get notified when you are linked to by receiving a ‘comment’ notification in the Dashboard (backend) of your WordPress site.


Free tip 2. Set up a Google Alert for your name or your Blog name. Google will email you whenever you are mentioned anywhere on the web with a link in the email to where that thing was published. Then you just go there and:


See what is being said about you around the net.

Check to see if there is a link nearby back to your site.




Links to other sites in your niche

People need to get to know you and you need to get to know people who have the same interests as you.


There is no way that you can become successful without providing a good service to many people or being part of a vibrant and supportive community.


Either way, you need to make contact, to find and to be found. So link out.


Remember that it adds to the quality and quantity of information or at least access to information that you are providing or your audience. They will love you for it.




Affiliate links to GET Money

Links to affiliate products are really all about asking for money. In reality, they are about you recommending a good product that you have used yourself. One that you find has saved you a whole lot of time and pain.


Without affiliate links, you will get no money online =(


So here is how to add affiliate links using clickbank as an example.


Go to the product vendor and copy the link that contains your unique id. you already have a clickbank account. If you do not, you may get one from clickbank now.


Go to the clickbank marketplace and click on any of the categories on the left. You will get a list of products.


Next to the product description is a red button that says ‘promote’. Click on the ‘promote’ button. In the window that appears, click on create and BAM! There’s the hoplink or hoplink html code. You just use this when writing your post and creating links.




Free tip: How to add links effectively:


Always use the same colour. eg all links to an affiliate sales page should be all purple or all blue or whatever.

Do not user red. It is the stop sign and you don’t want this. No red links.

Use a ‘call to action’. Instruct people to click on your link. Or they won’t.


Call to action examples: Click here to purchase hosting now or Join my newsletter now by signing up here.


Free tip:

If you own a high traffic website (lots of visitors) and the traffic is targeted and you are not making any money, it is because you are not linking correctly.


Adding logos or pictures

Adding logos and pictures is potentially a waste of time. Or is it?


If you intended to promote a book on your site, would you provide a text link or would you provide a picture for you readers to click on?


According to Chris Guthrie (sold nearly $1m of Amazon products as an affiliate) text links work better than pictures. In a later lesson, I talk more about how to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.


Free tip: Free tip: If you decide to include any pictures (not code from your affiliate site), make sure that the pictures are clickable. In other words, make sure that the pictures themselves are links to product pages.


People like to click on pictures you see.


Beware of reproducing logos and pictures on your site without permission from the copyright holder.


Check the license that comes with the photo before copying it and using it. Flickr is a good place to go hunting for pictures but there are several other sources.


Do not simply help yourself from Google images. Best option by far? use your own!


Remember to always make pictures clickable to your product or to a relevant page. Readers will click on photos.


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