Lesson 9 How to add the BEST possible hosting that you possibly could

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By now, you would have found an ideal product to promote or recommend on your new site. Alternatively, you would have chosen a topic that is dear to your heart and one that you can create a site around. The topic that you choose is called a niche.


Furthermore, you would have spent a good amount of time researching various words, terms and phrases related to your chosen topic or niche area. You would also by now have registered an appropriate domain name using a high volume search keyword or keyphrase at Lunarpages and gotten 15% off your total bill using my coupon code: aff15off


In this lesson, we are going to look at hosting. We will add hosting to our domain name account. Hosting is simply the space where your website is kept. It is a physical computer somewhere in the world where all the files that make up your site are saved. I also use Lunarpages to host my websites.


I think that 2 things are most important when starting out and you need to register a domain name and buy hosting. Your chosen host must be:


1.Priced competitively

2.Provide service / support for its users of the highest quality


This is an online business that we are creating. All businesses incur costs / overheads in order to make a profit so do what I do and keep these running costs down whenever you can. If you are just starting out don’t overpay for anything.


Secondly no business person ever attained success all by herself or himself. You will need help and support with building your websites and creating your online business. What if you break your site or need some other technical assistance?

Lunarpages have support staff working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will even phone you if you want in order to sort out any issues you may have with basic hosting. I highly recommend them. I have used Lunarpages to host many of my sites since 2006. Thats over 7 years of trouble-free great-priced hosting. As far as I am concerned the best possible hosting that you could have is one that gives you the best possible service.


Once you’ve registered your domain name you will have a username and password which gives you access to your account. Now add hosting as described earlier and you will be all set.


Lets look at what hosting lets us do!

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