Lesson 22 How to be an amazon affiliate and make even more money

How to be an Amazon affiliate and make money online

Welcome to this next lesson about how to be an Amazon affiliate. Everyone knows Amazon right? Everyone’s used Amazon. Even if you’ve never bought anything from their site, I’m sure that at some stage in the past, you’ve looked in through their shop window.

How to make money online with Amazon

Amazon is well known and trusted for online shopping for many many reasons. Because they are so well known, it becomes easy to recommend products available on Amazon. And in turn, it becomes easy for people to buy from Amazon.

There are 2 ways to get money online using Amazon.

1. You can write a book or create some other product and then sell it on Amazon.
2. You can promote or recommend products that are already for sale on Amazon.

This lesson is only concerned with the second  method.

Provide links on your site to Amazon’s products. Your readers will follow these links to the Amazon product page where they will buy the product. Once the sale is complete, you will earn a commission.

Furthermore, if the buyer goes on to make other purchases, you will earn a commission  on these other purchases also. Let me give you an example…

So let’s say that for example, you have a website about roses. On your website, you are writing an article about how to grow roses indoors successfully.

You take a look on the Amazon site and see that there is a good book that you have read on growing roses indoors. In fact, the book is so good and so relevant that you want to recommend it to your readers.

So you decide to provide a link to this book in your article.

To do this, got to the bottom of the Amazon homepage where you will find a link that says Affiliate. Click this link and follow the instructions to sign up to become an Amazon affiliate. Its free to become an affiliate. In fact Amazon have the largest network of affiliates in the world!

So what do you get as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you now have access to all the tools and resources that you need to promote, earn and get money online from Amazon.

You simply copy the code that Amazon provides for affiliates and paste this into the code of your website..

Now here’s the thing: Amazon pages (like all good sales pages) are designed to make a sale. The size of the product image on the page, the position of the image on the page, the colours used, the product reviews and all the rest of it  have been carefully designed to lead to as sale.

All we have to do is get our reader to that page and Amazon will take care of the rest. They handle all the order taking, order processing, tracking, refunds etc etc so its a lot less headache for you and for me.

Now if you are on the Amazon site and you are logged in as an affiliate, you will notice that Amazon gives you the code that you need to display all sorts of text and images in order to promote any product.

So you can display an image of a specific book, or an image of a group of books on the same topic, or the best selling book in that topic or the special offers that are available at the moment and so on.

Many of these will update themselves automatically so you don’t have to keep changing the code each time the title of the bestseller changes for example.

Or instead of several pictures, just include a simple text link to the book that you want to recommend like this. It has been reported by some affiliates that the most powerful and effective method is to just use a simple text link.

So going back to our example, you provide a link to your favourite book about growing indoor roses. One of your readers sees the link and decides to follow it with a click and they arrive at the product page on Amazon.

They like the look of the book so they add it to their shopping basket. You will earn a commission when they pay for this book.

Then they notice the part of the page where Amazon recommends other books. They look at other titles and add 2 more books to their shopping basket. You will earn a commission on these extra books also.

Your reader then remembers that she has been looking for birthday gift for a few friends and decides to add some other items to her shopping basket (2 bottles of perfume and a box dvd set). Guess what? You will earn a commission on these items also.

Can you see how powerful this is? What if they decide to buy a $1500 TV or a $2000 wrist watch?? You also earn a commission on each of these.

If you have a keen interest in Amazon then I will recommend Chris Guthrie’s Amazon Niche Profit Course. Chris has written over 10 modules to help you and show you how he has earned $90,000 as an Amazon affiliate.

I used to own a website called surgical training where I recommended a textbook. I found this book to be really useful because it had helped me pass an exam.

By talking about the book, describing how it helped me and providing my affiliate link to the book, I made some sales and received some commission for my effort. But there is more to the story…

Now you will notice that when logged into the Amazon website as an Affiliate, you can select to view reports. This is where you will get a detailed report of what books, computers,  toys, or whatever items you have sold, how many you sold, when they got sold, how much they sold for, how much commission you earned and so on.

As I was looking at my reports, I noticed that I had received commission for Star Trek DVDs. I like Star Trek but as far as I could remember, I had never knowingly provided an affiliate link to any such product.

It wasn’t until much later after doing some research that I found out about the extra commissions that Amazon affiliates receive on selling other products that you may not have directly promoted.

So after purchasing a massive textbook, this person must have gone on to purchase some DVDs. Nice.

How to be an amazon affiliate: Free Tips.

Free tip 1: It is always easier to promote something that you have actually used yourself. Something that you know really well. Because you will able to talk about it with conviction and with experience of having used it. You can show people how it helped you and how it can help them. This will come across in your recommendation and will work much better than a ‘hard sell’.

Free tip 2: Don’t focus on money and commissions. Always focus on providing good quality valuable information first. This is what will get your website busy with lots of targeted traffic (visitors who are interested in your topic). With lots of targeted traffic and affiliate links to good products, you will get money online.

Do you have any questions on how to be an amazon affiliate? Do you have any experience with Amazon’s affiliate programme good or bad?

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