Lesson 19 How to be there when you aren’t and busy when you’re not

(Silly title. I don’t really like it you know. What I really mean to say is….)




But first, 2 great things about Internet Marketing you already know and love:


1. You don’t need to be at your computer to make money

2. You do the work once and if done properly you continue to get paid long after the work is done


Working hard and working smart…

Websites that are not updated regularly will lose their position in search engine results. Aside from this detrimental effect on your income, human visitors fail to get impressed by sites that have out of date information.


So both humans and search engines like to see regularly updates sites.


Once you begin to get regular visitors, your readers will want to see fresh content on your site on a regular basis. I talked in an earlier lesson about how often you should email your subscribers. Well, how often should you post new articles on your site? The honest truth is that it doesn’t matter. So long as it is regular.


So here is my free tip:


Step 1. Write 12 great articles in your niche.

Step 2. Copy and paste them into your blog one at a time

Step 3. Save them all as drafts

Step 4. Set the publication date to the first of every month. So the first article will be published say on the 1st of March, the next on the 1st of April then the 1st of May and so on.


You will now be in touch with your readers for a year without having to lift a finger



I call this Scheduled AutoPublishing. Every month you will now publish a brand new and fresh article automatically. Anyone who visits your site will see that your last article published was just 1 month ago. That’s not too bad. Of course you could set them to publish more frequently. eg every fortnight or every week.


The key is that for any length of time that you like, for a year in this example, you will be publishing regularly and you will not have to worry about what to write and when to write it. In practise however, you must keep returning to your site in order to answer comments and maintain relationships with your readers.



Automate everything:

1. Use autoresponder emails

2. Use Scheduled AutoPublishing

3. Promote digital products only


Because it is someone else’s products, someone else has to worry about the product design, the product quality, product delivery, customer service and so on.


The single one thing that you will never be able to automate is personally engaging with your readers, answering their questions or making friends.



Get help

How do you manage 4 or 5 mini sites and one or 2 authority sites? Get help. And start early. Help does not need to be expensive. I talk about getting help and outsourcing work in another lesson but there are lots of ways to ease the load.


For example half my time is spent writing articles. The other half is spent promoting my sites. The third half of my time is spent repeating the first two halves. (See what I did there with the halves..?) This means that I have less than no time left to get anything else done.


To save time and help me speed things up a little, I hire article writers. This is how I got 500 articles on real estate entrepreneurs. I wrote the first 25 myself, added Google ads, began to make money and invested that money by hiring writers on Elance to write for me. I explain all of this in great detail in another lesson.


When Real Estate Entrepreneur was running on Joomla (another content management system much like WordPress) it got broken by me. So I took the site offline and immediately went under the hood in an attempt to fix it. Now I don’t know the first thing about coding and I probably never will but I will give anything a try.


The problem is that trying to fix things that you don’t understand can result in much time wasting. So I outsourced this job too. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg because I had guys bidding on Elance and falling over one another trying to help me out with fixing my site.


In my lesson on Elance, I show you how to do this.


My job is to build websites out of love and for fun. Then monetize them. I avoid getting overwhelmed with work. You should too.

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