How to become unstoppable

How to become unstoppable. About 2 weeks ago I met a lady called Louisa.

I was buying a coffee on a rainy Tuesday morning to take away with me. Whilst waiting for the Barista to use his expertise to make it for me, I got talking to Louisa.

Louisa was cleaning the floor in the Café where I was shopping for coffee. We got talking about something random.

I think I said something along the lines of:

”You’re working hard, I feel guilty…”

She smiled and we got chatting. Louisa was from Portugal and had trained as a Portuguese Language teacher.

Her wish was to work as a teacher. She desperately wanted to secure a job teaching Portuguese but anywhere she went, all that they seemed to require was a Spanish Teacher, not Portuguese.

She was really fed up and a little frustrated and furthermore, to be working in a Job that was not her first choice was really getting to her.

I could see immediately that she had a pain.

Now I am not a Careers Advisor and I definitely don’t know anything about teaching languages but I suddenly had an idea.

My coffee was handed to me and it took me a moment to register that I was supposed to be saying “Thank you” and preparing to leave the shop.

Instead of leaving however, I stepped to the side and with a big smile on my face I said to Louisa: “I have an idea!”

“What?” She asked me.

“Why don’t you set up your own website?” (She started blankly at me)

So I went on:

“Do you have internet”?

She did.

I added “You could call it Learn Portuguese from Louisa dot com”. My head started buzzing with all the excitement and I continued:

“You could write 50 lessons on How to speak Portuguese, maybe add some video and you could give away the first 10 lessons free as a taster. “

“Then charge 20 dollars per month to access the remaining lessons. If you built it up to 100 subscribers over a year or so that would be 2000 dollars per month!

Louisa immediately protested that it would be too difficult and that she had no idea how she would even begin to get started.

Now I had only just met her and it was really just a short friendly conversation that we were meant to be having so we soon said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

I don’t know what thoughts Louisa has been having since our conversation.

For all I know, she may have completely forgotten that we ever met. She may have forgotten our conversation.

Or maybe she went on to do a little research and is now seriously considering putting a little online course together – or a large course even.

She could run it as a business and build a good online income for herself and her family. I really don’t know.

But what struck me was how what seemed like a dead-end situation could be easily turned around on its head.

It would take some learning of new skills about websites but it would be fun and exciting.

She would be teaching Portuguese (what she really wanted) and I’m sure that her love of teaching would help to keep her focused and determined.

What about competition? Well Louisa is her own unique individual. I’m sure that of the 7 billion inhabitants of this planet she would be able to find a handful of people who liked her and were willing to learn Portuguese from her.

I guess the moral of the story is that we all have wishes or dreams or desires. Our route to get there may not always be obvious nor the usual or ‘traditional’ route.

Louisa must have had several doors to teach Portuguese closed in her face but really once she sets up her own site, she will truly become unstoppable.

It’s really about having a strong enough “Why” and then “Taking Action”.

Are you unstoppable?

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