How to Blog on your site and why THI$ i$ POWERFUL $$


How to Blog on your site and why THI$ I$ POWERFUL $$


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Up to now, we’ve built a great website, added some interesting content, placed some ads and we are now starting to get traffic to our site.


Super-Exciting! (Remember to contact me for help if you get stuck anywhere in the process). I’m also on skype: ugookonkwo

 Offline Blog

“Now, what exactly is a Blog?”


A Blog is an online diary. Its a log of all the events that are occurring in your life or in your online business. Stuff that you wish to keep a record of, posted (published) online, by you, for whatever reason.


You whole website can be one entire Blog. That is, you do nothing but post updates of events on your Blog.


Alternatively, you can dedicate just one section of your website to Blogging – like I am doing with this site. I’ve got a section for my 30 FreeLessons, another section for contacting me and a section for Blogging and so on 🙂


Blogs do this:


  • They keep your readers informed.
  • They keep you readers interested.
  • They keep your readers up-to-date.
  • They give your readers a chance to get to know you.
  • They keep your readers coming back again and again to your site.


If you want to make money online, add a Blog.


Why do Blogs work?


A blog is like a story that continues and never ends. Everyone likes a story. So a story that keeps on going will be liked by your readers even more. This is why once you have a Blog on your site, your visitors will keep on coming back to find out what the latest news is.


Imagine that you announced that you were going to start a project. Or even more exciting, lets say for example, you were applying to be on TV and enter a talent contest. And you decide to Blog about this. Over 6 weeks you post updates about your progress, the various stages of the competition, the pain, the fear, the surprises, the tears and in the end, you post your results.


This would be great stuff. If this was your Blog I would definitely keep coming back every day to see how you were getting on!


Can you see how powerful this is?


Top Tip 1:
You can Blog about absolutely anything that you want to.
Top Tip 2:
Search engines like Google LOVE Blogs. Because they are a rich source of new, fresh and well read content. So your blog pages are likely to appear in search results. This is good.


I’m a Business. Do I need a Blog?

Yes you do. Facebook, Yahoo and even BMW the car company all have Blogs here, here and here.


Remember that to make money online, people will buy from you if they know you, if they like you and if they trust you.


The best way to get ahead of the competition is to have a Blog where people can find out a little bit more about you.


Amazingly, not every online business person has a Blog. So this is where you can have a definite and clear advantage.


You can also regularly post recommendations of products that that you believe in on your Blog.


I like talking to people on the phone and replying to lots of emails? Not everyone likes doing this. If you don’t then why not use your Blog to let people catch up with you that way?



“Ugo my stuff’s too personal. I’m not Blogging it.”


Then don’t. Remember that you can Blog about anything you like, or don’t like. I have a friend who loves sport. All he Blogs about is sport and sports results. All day long

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(Then he pops in a link to some nice football boots that he wants to promote. He gets a commission whenever one of his readers purchases the boots through his link. He makes money that way.)


You do not have to Blog about personal stuff. It’s completely your decision.

 A Personal Blog

However, I have read Blogs where the writers talk about really personal issues that even surprised me such as personal health problems and relationship issues that they were experiencing.


On balance, I will advise you to only write about stuff that you are comfortable with. The best way is to add just a little bit of personal information about you – like your favourite hobby – so that people can connect with you even more and see that you are just a normal, real and hard working person.


“But I’ve got nothing to write about…I’m too boring”

I know how you feel. Then I found a way round this.


Here’s another Top Tip:


Each time you read something, ask yourself:


What did you just read?

Why did you read it?

Was it useful?

Has it helped you?

How has it helped you?

Was it a waste of your time? Why?

What would you have added?

Was it new information or old?

Did you learn anything? If so, what?

Did the writer do a good job? What did he leave out?


Combine all the answers to these questions and you have a complete Blog post. In fact, why don’t you apply those 10 questions to this article now. And post it on your site or Blog. I would love to see that!


Keep doing this about whatever you read and you will have dozens of posts to add to your Blog.


This is just one technique to generate material to write and publish.


There is one drawback to Blogging: Time. You need to put time aside every day to write your Blog posts.


You must add a new post regularly. It could be several times a day, once a day, weekly or even once a month. Make a regular contribution to site, your Blog and your business.


This is how you will be unique, how you will stand out and how you will attract success to your online business.


Thank you for reading. Please post a reply in the comments box.

Ugo Okonkwo


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