Lesson 11 How to build a website that is simple yet powerful

Lunarpages allows you to Install WordPress with the push of a button. WordPress is great! It allows you to choose the design of your website easily, it allows you to write your great material and publish it online, it allows you to add pictures easily, etc etc. I would go on all day.


There are other alternatives to WordPress such as Joomla which I used for a number of years before transferring my site to WordPress. Drupal is also similar but I have never used it.


The beauty of wordpress is that you need NO computer programming skills to get the most amazing looking website up and running in minutes. (Adding content and building up your stream of visitors will still take time). I think that the success of WordPress is not only because of its ease of use but also due to the ability for the website owner to add on plugins.


Lets say that you want to add a button to your website so that anyone who sees the button and clicks on it gets taken to your facebook page or twitter. From within your website’s wordpress dashboard, just search for ‘add facebook button’. From the results, pick the one that looks right for you and press the install button. All done! This is how you can add all the bells and whistles to any site that you want easily and without any specialist technical knowledge.


After installing WordPress, of the dozens and dozens of plugins that you may wish to install, I will recommend only 4 plugins. I will tell you which 4 plugins I recommend in a following lesson.


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