Lesson 16 How to Choose 35 effective key phrases for your titles the easy way by using a keyword tool and 6 keywords.

In this lesson I am going to talk about creating great ideas for articles or great content for your site. Then I am going to link this to getting money.


So how many articles must I have on my site Ugo?

You must get at least 35 pages of content on your website. I explain why in a later lesson. Also, there are easy, difficult, fast and slow ways to get this many articles or more even on any topic on any site. There are high quality and there are low quality ways to do this. I use all methods. I will explain why. I will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of all these techniques.


35 pages of content on your website equates to 35 short (300 to 500 word) articles. Most internet surfers cannot cope with anything longer. They will lose interest and click off to another site. However, there is a suggestion currently that longer (1000 word) in-depth and detailed articles are being favoured by search engines. So do not be afraid to write more. I do.


Now in order for what you write to match what your visitors are looking for, you must remember this: The title of your article must match what your potential visitors are typing into their search engines.


Lets look at the rose bush example. I could easily write 35 articles about rose bushes. I could write the following articles:


A. Largest rose bush grown

B. The biology of rose bushes

C. What does a rose bush smell like

D. Rose bushes in my garden

etc etc


Sounds like I would be off to a great start doesn’t it? Now look at this screenshot:




I searched for ‘rose bush’ using Google keyword tool. Go and try this for yourself now. Immediately you will see a long list of everything rose bush related that people are actually interested in. This is a list of what people are actually searching for.


Rose bush by post

Rose bush tips

List of rose bush names

Rose bush care

Cheap rose bushes

Buy rose bushes

and so on…


so BAM! I’ve got the perfect article titles that I need for my website on rose bushes. I am pretty much guaranteed that there are people searching for my information already. All I have to do is get the articles done.


My 4 choice of article titles above (A,B, C and D) are not the sort of information that people are looking for. So I would get zero visitors to my site. I would be wasting my time. Find out what people are searching for and then give them the information that they need. You can use this technique for any topic (niche) that you like.


Match keywords or keyphrases to your article title

This the exact same technique that I am using to increase the earnings from my real estate website. I first designed the website to talk about Real Estate Entrepreneurs. Because this is what I was personally interested in. This is OK. The site failed to make any money. This was not OK. But I enjoyed reading all the biographies that I collected. My mission now is to monetize the site. I can only do this successfully by adding articles based on other peoples interests. And link these articles to related products that I will recommend and earn a commission from. You can follow my progress in my Blog. Better still, sign up to my newsletter now and stay informed.


As you look through the list of keywords after running your search in the keyword tool, think this: Is there a product that I could easily promote to the person that typed this search term into their computer? People are obviously typing ‘buy rose bush’ into their search engines. This is because they are looking to buy roses. So a good article to write about and add to your site would be ‘How to buy a beautiful rose bush’. Notice how the article title and the keyphrase both have ‘rose bush’ in them. This is important. Next, write the article, publish it, and add your affiliate link to a company that sells rose bushes.


So when someone searches for where to buy rose bushes your article with matching title will pop up in the search results, they will go on to read your article and hopefully, enjoy the article and click on the link which will take them to a good rose bush seller. They get their bush, the seller makes a sale and you get your affiliate commission. Everybody’s happy!


Free Tip:

Rather than just performing a search for rose bush try this. Use these 6 descriptors. What, why, when, who, where, how. This will throw up even more ideas for useful article titles.



Where to buy rose bushes

Who sells the best rose bushes

How to etc etc





Now 35 articles is a good number. If you later decide to add Google adverts to your site and get paid by Google each time a visitor clicks on these ads, then you are going to need at least 30 to 35 pages. We are going for 35. Try to place Google adsense on a site with very few pages and you risk getting banned from Google.

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