How to choose the best money making system

How to choose the best money making system

What I think of Money Making Systems

Money making systems are Good
Money making systems will make you cry
Money making systems are Evil
Money making systems will Bleed you dry
Money making systems will Clinically depress you
Money making systems will Suck your time
Money making systems will Surprise you

So Choose The Best Money Making System

-Ugo Okonkwo


Its a poem

(can I call it that? Because it rhymes – sort of!)


Money making systems are Good

The good thing about a good and effective money making system is that if used correctly, you will be successful.


To make money online you will need a system that works for you. (A system that you can actually work at, a system that you can use as it is meant to be used, a system that you stick to for as long as needed to become successful)


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money online.


Some will take time and some won’t. Some will require effort and some will seem like a walk in the park.


Some will frustrate you and some will delight you.


The bottom line is that they are all different methods. And because we as individuals are all different, with our different needs and likes and tastes and budgets and energy levels we will gravitate toward the methods that work best for us.


Often, the only way to find out what system works best for you is to try it out first.


I do not mean that you should purchase every system that there is and start trying to make money with each one of them. Certainly not.


It Would be foolish of me to suggest that and it would be unwise of you to even contemplate doing it.


However, it is interesting to know that many successful entrepreneurs have a story to tell. They have a long history of being involved in several different businesses before they settled down to focus on what worked for them the best.


The point is, when you have found the system that works for you, stick to it. By “works for you” I mean the following:


1. The system is easy for you to do (or you can make it easy). You should find the method interesting. You should be enthusiastic and willing to devote the resources needed to work the system (time, energy, initial cost) or find suitable help with these.

2. It is profitable. It is making you money. If you are not yet using the system then there should be a clear description of how it will make you money. You should be able to see the system in action, not rely on theoretical possibilities. A simple example is using Google keyword tools to see how many people are searching for a particular product. Then using the search engine to examine the nature and quality of existing websites and the quality of information that is currently available. All this will give you an indication of how profitable your venture might be with some real data to back up your idea.


Create a plan of action and make sure that your plan includes the system that works best for you.


By staying focused, repeating, and persisting with the one system that you have carefully selected, you are also less likely to get distracted.


Money making systems will make you cry

Money making systems will make you cry because of the lack of results and eventual frustration that follows. “I’ve done everything that they said. Why am I not rich”


Because there are so many factors involved if you want to become successful. In school, we all and the same teacher for the same lessons so why did we get different results?


Olympic track athletes all train hard, use the same supplements and have the best coaches but why do they get different results?


The fact is, different people using the same system will get different results. In reality, this should not be the case but it happens.


Money making systems are Evil

They can be. One problem with money making systems is that they get promoted by people who want to make money by selling you the system. As a result, they often fail to present the not-so-great side of the system.


In creating websites for money, I tell you clearly that:


You need to put in the effort to determine what your site will be about.

You do this by looking for a need or problem that people have.

Then you need to create the site.

Then you need to promote it

Then you need to wait for at least 3 to 6 months to get a flow of visitors

Then you need to continue for up to 1 year to get a decent flow of visitors

And this is if all goes to plan


(I haven’t made it sound attractive have I?)


There are lots of ways to speed up the process and tools to help make everything easier which I recommend through the lessons.


But the fact that many systems fail to point out the reality of what is actually involved when using their system,is like lying. Withholding the truth is lying.


So most systems start by painting a glamorous dream and telling you that you can have all this.

Then they show you what to do and make it sound easy. Beware.


So the next time that you see a money making system that looks good ask the owner of the system: “What are the top 3 problems that I would have with this system and how will I solve them?” Watch out for an evasive or vague answer.


Another reason why they are evil?

Sales letters. The commonest way to come across a money making system is the dreaded sales letter. Sometimes called ‘copy’


Commonest formats? A very, very, very, very long page. Or a very, very, very, very long video. Yes video.


Other variations include collecting your email address and using a series of emails to effectively deliver the long, long sales letter in smaller bite-size chunks over several days. Powerful stuff which can be done tastefully and with tact.


Whatever the format, the content of any good sales medium remains the same. The best way to sell anyone anything is by:


Pointing out the problem (Yours or theirs)

How they (or you) have no solution

Then the solution/product is described (sometimes the product is described in vague terms because they want you to pay first in order to find out what it is. I hate this. )

Then they show you how the product solves your problems

Then follows a list of testimonials

And a few more ‘tricks’ like a large yellow ‘add to cart’ button (research shows this works better), money back guarantee (good) or a scarcity factor like “will be gone tomorrow if you dont buy now”.


So now you know how to spot a good sales letter designed purposefully by a well paid professional to get you to buy the product.


But the basics still apply:


Think: what exactly are you paying for? How much actual stuff are you getting? Will you be able to use it as intended and what problems can you expect?


Money making systems will Bleed you dry

There are 2 ways to lose money with a money making system.

1. By jumping from system to system, purchasing various methods and then moving on again without trying any one system out properly.


There is nothing wrong with searching for a system that meets your needs or suits your personality type or whatever. But sooner or later you have to pick one and just stick to it.


ALL successful people have been doing exactly the same thing for years. This is why they are successful. (That’s the secret of any system)


2. You can lose money to money making systems by buying or being forced to buy further products or upgrades within the product


For example Xsystem (i just made this up) costs $37. Sounds awfully cheap for such a great system that will improve your financial position.


So you pay the $37 and gain access to some information. But to get even more information and complete the package, you need to pay $200 more. I hate this. Why did they not just ask for $237 in the first place?


So you pay $237 and get even more info. But to get the last secret killer info, you must pay another $40 and on it goes.


If a great product looks really cheap, either this is genuine or there must be another way that they will try to get money from you. Beware



Money making systems will Clinically depress you

Trying to make money online can be a very emotional journey. The pain, sacrifice, longing and hope backed up with failure can lead to:



Low mood

Early morning waking

Lack of enjoyment of usual activities

Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness

Thoughts or ideas of harming yourself or suicide


If you have any of these symptoms then please contact your nearest health professional as soon as possible.



Money making systems will Suck your time

Learning a new skill or learning a new and better way of doing something will take time. Building profitable websites takes time, adding content to your site takes time. Studying a problem that someone is facing and working on a solution(or product) will take time.


All this is fair enough and inevitable but beware of spending endless hours tap, tap, tapping at your computer and having nothing to show for it.


The trick is to have the balance right between activities that educate you ( a time investment for the future),activities that actually produce money, and time that is spent away from your desk.


Money making systems will Surprise you

Eventually, you will make money and become successful. Just by being smart, focused and persistent on a method that is viable and profitable.


The interesting thing is that you don’t always know how successful you will become or indeed when it will happen.



Choose The Best Money Making System

So what is the best money making system? Well there’s the 60 million dollar question. The answer is obvious.


But first ask yourself these questions:


1. What are my needs? Do I want to make a few hundred dollars here, a few thousand dollars there or do I want a more consistent income?

2. Do I have the resources and skills needed? Can I afford the start up costs? Can I afford the monthly fee? Can I afford to spend 5 hours every evening on this system?


3. What evidence have I seen of the system in action? What results can I expected with proof?


The best money making system is one that fits your exact needs. It is one that you understand and one that you can work at on a reasonably consistent basis. It is one that is already known to produce good results.


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