Lesson 24 How to create an Authority Website

How to create an authority website. How to take it further. From mini-site to MAXI site.

How to create an authority website by Ugo Okonkwo. Ok Great! So by now…you would have:


1. Chosen a topic for your site that you either are an expert at, find interesting, know nothing about or just really want to make money from because it was low competition.

2. Hunted for and found a great domain name

3. Purchased good hosting

4. Installed WordPress and

5. Started posting articles – at least 35 of them

6. Added advertising: Adsense, Amazon


At this stage, you’re all set. If you sat back now and did nothing further, you will make money. How much money you make of course would depend on several factors, including the time factor.


Realistically, expect to wait for up to between 3 and 6 months as a minimum before you start to see any traffic. Remember that if very few people are searching for your information or if it is a very competitive are then it will be more difficult for you to be found in the search engine result pages.


This is why keyword research is so important. Your articles should be based on keywords or phrases that are already being searched for.


Ok Ugo, I hear what you’re saying. I’ve done all of the above and now,I’m just going to sit back and watch the money roll in.


Not a bad idea at all.


But an even better idea would be to remain a tough cookie for the search engines to ignore:


  • You want your site to get noticed.
  • You want your site to be up there amongst the best.
  • You want to impress your readers and earn good quality money.


Search engines regularly update the methods by which they determine what sites should be on the search results page. Their pattern is now clearly a move towards loving larger sites with in-depth information on any given topic. Not small sites with short sketchy articles.


The more unique your site is and the more value that you add to your readers or customers, the better.


So don’t sit back. Keep going with building your site, adding content, adding value. Here’s how to get your site noticed and climb the ranks:


Update your site. Regularly.

A neglected site will most likely eventually disappear from the results page. So keep adding content. This could be once a month, once a week, or several times a day even.


The more you add, the more likely you are to be publishing useful information that matches what users are typing into their search engines and the more likely you are to be found.


I purchased the website mostexpensiveinternetad.com in 2006. After about a year of being at the top of the search results page for several search terms, I eventually lost some interest in this website and began to focus my energy on other projects.


This site eventually disappeared from sight. I still owned it and it still received visitors every day but I gradually stopped posting updates and commentary.


The site began to rank lower and lower until I found that my visitors numbers just began to drop until my site was no longer as visible as it used to be.


To cut a long story short, I added 6 new pages in January 2013 and then I scheduled publications for one article per month. A month later in February, I was receiving 5 new visitors per day.


All the scheduled articles are already written and will be automatically published once a month from now on as a minimum. Of course I will add even more articles over the next few weeks and months.


Once again, the site is back on the front page of search engine results for a number of search terms.


So in answer to the question mini site or maxi site? I recommend going large and aiming to create a site that dominates the niche that you are interested in. This is always easier to do if you have chosen a specific topic, not a broad one.


For example, insurance is a massive topic in a massive market. This would be a tough one to get into. How on earth do create a go-to site on insurance? You would have to cover all the different types of insurance, why you need it, reviews of the various companies out there, very hard. But not impossible.


So try breaking it down. Building an authoritative site on say… Plant and flower insurance in Alaska for example would be easier.


Again, I would start with keyword research to see exactly how many people are searching to insure their roses first. If there are enough, then you could be making some serious money! ( PS If you actually did this then please let me know what you found!)


So there you have it. How large should your site be? When can you stop building it? I guess the ideal answer to that should be “never”.T

Thank you for reading How to create an authority website

There will always be room for improvement, more features to add, ways to make the site better and more useful resources to include. Never stop making your sites better.

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