How completing a few simple tasks will net you $5

As you may already know I am building a huge team in SFI

I published a post already about this in the SFI forum.

But I need your help. I just set a new target for July and I need you to help me achieve this.

One of the reasons that I joined SFI is because it is so easy to get started.

I started earning income just by scoring VersaPoints for doing simple actions that helped me become successful in SFI.

Each time I complete an action on my SFI To-Do List, I instantly earn the points attached to that action.

Some actions are worth 10 points, some 20 points, some as much as 150 points.

So, my first objective in SFI was to earn as many VersaPoints as I could each month. The more VP that I scored, the higher my rank became and the more I earned. I receive a share of the big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!

Here’s the thing. I set a goal at the start of July to add 30 people to the team and help each person to get started earning in SFI.

If you join through my link and get to the level of Executive Affiliate in July, I will reward you with $5 to your PayPal account.

Yes. Thats right. All you need to do is complete the actions on the to-do list.

There is no purchase required and I will help you.


1. you get to join the number one affiliate program in the world for free.

2. you get to complete a list of simple actions at no cost to you that earn you money and

3. I will give you a $5 bonus to your Paypal account. PayPal accounts are free. Just go to to get one.

4. I will hit my target of 30 team members in July. So it is a win-win for both of us.

What could be better than that?

Start here now. What are you waiting for? Here is my link to sign up

Regards Ugo.

I am running this offer in JULY only

I will end this offer after the first 30 people join so get going now.

I will help you.

So empty your browsers cache and clear all your cookies. Get started now.

Here is the link again

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