Lesson 18 How to get 35 articles the easy way

This will be a short lesson from me. The first part this lesson is about how to get the actual body of the article written. In the second part, you will actually go away and physically do this.


The best way to get 35 article is to write them yourself. Sit down and let the words come out of your mind, flow through your fingers and onto your keyboard. This is the only way to produce content that is truly you. Truly original. And more importantly, truly favoured by Google. And other search engines. Copying articles from other websites is a definite no-no. It is uningenious, embarrassing for the perpetrator and rather poor. It does nothing for your rankings and hides the real you.


However, if you are truly struggling to write or if you just don’t have the ability, I can help you. With some tips, that is. I will give you some ideas now and then give you more information about how to get around this problem in another lesson.


Lets say you want to write an article about growing rose bushes. A short article only needs 3 paragraphs. A beginning, a middle and an ending (or conclusion). So think up 3 easy questions. Better still, think keyword and get 3 questions from your keyword research. For example


1. Why do you like roses

2. How do you grow roses

3. Where is the best place to buy roses


Next, fire off 35 emails to 35 friends or 35 rose websites, or 35 gardeners etc etc. Sit back and watch the answers come flooding in. You have your articles. The answers are all original, relevant and yours to write up on your site. Best of all, you have done some real work. State this on your site and you will earn respect and credibility from your readers.


This method works extremely well for anything that you know nothing about. This is how you can begin to create an authoritative website on a subject that you know virtually next to nothing about.


In reality, not all will reply to your emails or questions. So ask a lot more people than article you need in order to get enough replies back.


This lesson was intentionally short. Because you now have a lot of homework to do. Fill your site with juicy content because the next lesson is about how to promote your site. Don’t promote a site with no articles or posts in it. Because that would be just silly. So off you go.

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