How to get feedback about your site design (John Chow doesn’t like me!)

How to get feedback about your site design

John Chow sent me a link to sign up at Traffic Dial. So I did.

Here’s a snippet of the email he sent me:


I know you’re probably busy but I wanted to tell you about a cool new free service that I think will really help you out. TrafficDial is a one-of-a-kind marketers “co-op” that delivers …

==> Engaged visitors to your website or landing pages, PLUS

==> Feedback from other marketers to help improve your marketing…


You see, he said that visitors would spend up to 5 minutes looking around my site. And they are.

I’ve gotten some excellent feedback and posted them here as you can see:

“Ugo I feel your site is unique and I like it. I’ve bookmarked it and will return. I even shared on fb your lesson 28. The video is personal and engaging although you could sell the reason for signing up more. I like the interlinking from home page to your lessons although some are missing – lessons 26, 27, 29 and 30. The button to click to join your list is very difficult to see. Instead of saying “subscribe to my newsletter” why not say “Get educated in internet marketing for free!” or something similar. There’s a lot a whitespace too but I like the paragraphs are short. Introduce some images from Zemanta to help with interest.”


“I think that you have a very well designed web site and the colors are a good match. The video is short and to the point and that is a good thing and it made me curious enough to check out the rest of your site. Very interesting and useful information to help anyone make money online and the good thing is that you yourself have used these ways to make money which means they work.”


“With a little bit more color on the page you could really grab more attention . I do like what I see content wise for the subjects covered. I use a lot of these ideas myself. Did you cover making videos since your page has once? since the last few topics seem to not be informative ones. keep up the good work”


“Hugo, you have the right idea for a web site and it might be a good site but why would I even want to go to the lessons or subscribe to your newsletter after seeing the introductory video? It is poor and not to motivational. I would redo the intro video to include some catchy reasons why I should watch it or subscribe or visit any lessons.”


“Very interesting blog Ugo. It seems to be packed with helpful information. Good job. I think that the video you have on your homepage will really help out in boosting your conversions. To add more people to your list. I personally would not change a thing.”


I got a little nervous preparing to read the feedback as it started to arrive. After all, who likes criticism?

Ahh.. but hold on Ugo – its not criticism.

It’s constructive criticism!

So I am now going to make the suggested changes. And make my site truly SEO. That is, Sexy Engaging and Orginal! (I invented that)

But the question is, was my site so bad and so awful to look at in the first place that John, feeling sorry for me and my site had to recommend Traffic Dial to me? 🙂

Post your thoughts and Check out Traffic Dial.

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