How to get money online easy

Every month, thousands and thousands of people search for an easy way to make money online. I have noticed that there are a lot of searches online for How to get money online easy. I have therefore decided to address this issue of getting easy money online. It is an important concept.

The fact that so many people search for this on a regular basis (6600 searches per month according to this keyword tool from Google) suggests that:

  1. Getting money is difficult (They have tried and failed)
  2. There are easier ways but these easy methods are hard to find.
  3. Someone (eg a Guru) must have the answer.

There are lots of ways to get money online. The basic process is this:

  1. Find a product 
  2. Promote that product


  1. Have a service that you can offer
  2. Offer it.


  1. Find a group of people with a problem 
  2. Solve that problem

Whichever way you choose to look at it , there is always a 2-step process.


For making money online to become easy, that 2-step process must be:

  1. Simple
  2. Enjoyable

So my advice to you is this:

If you want to make money online the easy way, keep it simple. This is what I do.

Find a problem that people have. For example, trying to keep fit is a common problem that people have. Do you try to keep fit? Have you got any experience of winning or failing at keeping fit  (Yes you do). 1. Write about it on your own website. Then research a few products that might help your readers eg a good fat loss book or a fitness programme and then 2. Recommend these products for a commission. Easy.

To be honest  if making money online was easy, everybody would be doing it – and we would all be extremely rich. The truth is, it is not easy. The two main problems are

  • 1. the skill and knowledge that is required and  
  • 2. the time involved.

Few people have the required skills needed. Many still have no interest in learning. Then there is the time factor. Too many people are too busy to settle down and begin to work on a plan to make steady money online. Which is your position then?

  1. No skills?
  2. No interest in learning?
  3. No time to learn?

Be honest. Because for as long as you continue to find an excuse, you will forever be searching for SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

So we agree that it is not easy. However, it can be fun and rewarding so we will focus on these two things.

But just for the record, I will help by recommending making money online using fun methods (that are easy for some). These are:

Playing games and Writing

If neither of these appeal to you, then a relatively easy way to make money online is by completing tasks or surveys

I hope this was helpful. The trick is to think ‘fun and exciting’, not easy 🙂

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How to get money online - The strategies and techniques that I am using to make money online everyday.

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