How to get money online for kids

How to get money online for kids

First the Bad News from Fiverr & Ebay – (Sorry)

Regarding Fiverr, you need to be 18 to perform tasks for money and get paid on Fiverr. However, Fiverr is a great idea for a site and a truly successful one. On Fiverr, A PayPal account (only available to age 18+ only) is required to receive your money.

Regarding Ebay, Buying and selling online: Ebay will not allow minors to operate here. Again, Sorry

Would you like to know how to get money online for kids? Well here’s an interesting story to kick this off with.

Once, in a school not very far away from where you are now, meals at school were horrible.

Disgusting, tasteless and foul.

Some kids refused to eat and some brought a lunch box from home. But one person decided to write about the food.

Pictures were taken, descriptive paragraphs were written and soon, this publication became extremely popular. Particularly amongst all students. Even the local newspaper picked up the story.

The young writer became popular too. But what happened next becomes a story for another time.

Back to business

I’m writing this article because how to get money online for kids is a commonly searched for term today. It is therefore right and proper that I should address this important matter.

The problem is, who exactly is searching for an answer to how to get money online for kids?

You are either an underage individual looking for a way to earn online or you are a parent / guardian looking to make money to pay for your kid’s, upkeep.

For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you are under the age of 18 and looking desperately to make money online. (Am I right? Reply to this article and tell me.)


You are under 18, you have no credit card, you cannot get a PayPal account.

So what are the options?

You have all the options to make money online that are available to any adult. Just ask your mum or dad to pay for things using their credit card or their PayPal account.

The easier way to make this happen is to sit down with them ,show them this article and explain  politely to them that:

  1. You need money
  2. You are not getting it from them
  3. You have a plan and
  4. You will need their help.


You can either

  • 1. Build a business online
  • 2. Exchange your time for money.

The first option build a business will give you the opportunity to steadily grow your online income. But it will take months to years to get anything substantial.

The second option will yield quicker results. But you will not earn very much. Ever.

So here we go:

Earn slowly but progressively more.

1. Start Blogging

See food example above.

I explained what a blog is and why you should do it in great detail here.

You can easily build a website, install WordPress and start writing. My lesson shows you how.

You make money by monetizing your Blog.

One of the greatest resources if you want to Blog for money is John Chow’s guide


Surveys – Earn taking surveys. Focus forward and Test Spin both take anyone from age 13 upwards. sign up for both because this will increase your number of offers.

Paid surveys for money and free gift cards   TestSpin



Gaming – A dream-come-true job for most people. Generally, you need to be well connected in the gaming industry to land this kind of job.

The other way to get in is to play loads of games  and publish your views and reviews and ratings on your Gaming Blog. Create a name for yourself and establish a reputation.

Video Game Tester   How to Get Paid to Play Games!


Then ask for copies of games from developers or if you are good, they will contact you directly with a copy of a new game for you to test for them Sweet.

Third way to get yourself a job in Gaming? Pay your way in.

Get Paid to Write

Many people email me about the best place to go to find jobs where you get paid to write.

How would you like to Get Paid To Write Articles & Stories, receive thousands of topics to write about, get paid for every article you write, help improve books & movie scripts, give your suggestions and input, get cash for writing blog posts, create content for thousands of blogs and get paid cash the same day! Get paid to write arranges all this for you.

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