Lesson 28 How to get traffic to your website that makes you money.

How to get traffic to your website that makes you money.

How to get traffic to your website that makes you money so that new visitors find you and old ones keep coming back everyday.


In this lesson I am going to talk about how to promote your website using three methods.

  • STEP 1. On-site promotion of your website
  • STEP 2. Off-site promotion of your website
  • STEP 3. Shortcuts (some painful)

On-site promotion is about all the things that you do to each article on your website so that anyone searching for your information will find you.

Off-site promotion is about all the things that you do away from your website so that anyone searching for your information will find you.


STEP 1. On-site promotion of your website

Your website consists of articles (or posts – much the same thing.) Every step that you take to construct each article is important – from just thinking about the article – having an idea – to the actual writing of the article. It matters if you want the article to be found online by your prospective readers.

The 3 important steps to writing the article properly are these:

  1. Think carefully about the title and content of your article
  2. Research the common words and phrases related to the article
  3. Choose a title and write the content using these common words and phrases in your article. 

For example, lets say I own a website that is about keeping fit. I decide to write an article about stomach exercises.

My claim to fame is that I can perform 100 sit-ups (a true thing). I also know everything that there is to know about sit ups so I write a great 1000 word article about sit ups titled: Stomach Exercises.

Sadly, after several weeks of waiting , very few visitors arrive on my site to read my article. I have virtually no traffic. Why?

What went wrong is I failed to perform any keyword research before starting to write my article. Using the Google keyword tool, we notice these keywords are just a few that appear in the search results:

  • lose weight
  • bodybuilding
  • lose fat
  • belly fat
  • abdominal exercises
  • fat on stomach
  • how to lose that belly

So in actual fact, what we need to be doing is using phrases like these to form our title. Ideally we need to focus on one phrase and base the whole article on that phrase.

So for example, the article should be titled ‘How to lose that belly fat’ .

We should do it this way for 2 reasons.

  1. According to our keyword search, 600,000 people search for ‘how to lose that belly’ every month. Only 300,000 search for ‘stomach exercises.’ But more importantly,
  2. your writing needs to match what people are searching for. This helps propel you to the top of the search engine results pages.

Now that we have had a good think about keywords and key phrases related to our article, we can start writing the article itself.

To help me I use a WordPress Plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. Go to ‘add new plugin’ in your WordPress desktop, search for WordPress SEO by Yoast and install it.

It is very easy and self explanatory. Yoast shows you how to write an article such that it becomes ‘well optimized’ for search engines. At last! Your article will be found and read.

On-site promotion. So here are the steps involved in full.

  1. Search for relevant keywords using Google Keyword tool and get a good idea of what terms are being used by your prospective readers..
  2. Use these same (exact match or close) keywords or phrases as titles for your articles.
  3. Use them in the body of the article as you write.
  4. Use them as directed by your favourite SEO plugin.

Do the above for every single article taht you write. Because this teaches the search engines exactly what each article is about. And no mistaking it. This strengthens your article and encourages search engines to position your article higher in search results = more visibility = more traffic = more clicks = more money. Magic

Be careful to make your article sound as natural as possible, with easy free flowing language as you would use in everyday conversation.

Free tip: The web is full of articles. Everybody writes articles. However, you are not everybody therefore you do not write mere articles. You write GREAT articles.

Writing great articles (1000 words plus) is a fantastic and super way to impress *both* humans and search engines. They will keep coming back to check out your latest work. I guarantee it.

Free tip. Creating links from one page within your site to another page within your site is good practise. It encourages readers to stay longer on your site, it encourages robots reading your site to discover more of your work and it improves the ‘popularity’ of the pages that you are linking to.

Popular pages are placed at or near the top of search results.

STEP 2. Off-site promotion of your website

Off -site promotion accomplishes 3 things.

  1. Off -site promotion creates links on other websites for robots (official name: spiders) to discover and follow back to your site. So your site will always be found. these links on other websites that lead back to your site are sometimes called back-links
  2. Links to your site get counted by robots. The more links that point to your site, the more popular your site is deemed and the more likely your site or more specifically, pages from your site are likely to feature in search results 
  3. Off-site promotion creates links for humans too. Not just search engine spiders.

When people see your link, they (hopefully) click on it and hey presto! They land on your site. Super.

Here are 4 ways to create your strong (very highly likely to be clicked) links on other websites or blogs.

  1. Post insightful comments around the web – on forums, blogs, question and answer websites etc
  2. Post insightful articles in article directories eg ezinearticles, article directory, goarticles
  3. Be helpful (karma)
  4. Make friends

So communicate freely with people. Notice when someone expresses a problem. Empathise. Someone not finding the courage to start their blog? Show them how you started and encourage them to make that leap. Someone struggling to find an answer? Go away and Google stuff then come back and post the answer for them.

3 good reasons why you should help people:

  1. Its the right thing to do.
  2. When they get big and become influential, they will remember you.
  3. When you get big and become influential, it will be because they helped you.

Off site promotion also includes:

Social media:

So go now and create accounts on:

  • Facebook (I bet you have already)
  • Twitter (ditto)
  • Google+ (no you haven’t)
  • Linked in (50:50 )
  • Stumble, Digg, Pinterest etc etc

Add your url to all your profiles and again, make friends. And get traffic from Social.

Off site promotion also includes video.

  1. Create a youtube video on your phone (this is how I started)
  2. Upload it to youtube. I actually do this. Does not need to be perfect. Just do it.
  3. Add a link on the video itself to your site. Its easy. Youtube shows you how.
  4. Add a link in the video description to your site. Its easy. Youtube shows you how.
  5. Remember youtube is a search engine so you need to have a presence there.
  6. Do this 30 times. (A different video each time). And get traffic from youtube

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How to use your email list to promote your website

Promote your website by using your email list. So absolutely no selling to your list. Ever. They will unsubscribe which is a terrible shame because it takes a heck of a long time to get subscribers.

Instead, tell your subscribers about what you’ve posted on your site and tell them what you’re up to with your online business. Help and support your subscribers. Give them your best tips. Then send them to your site.

Free Tip:

  1.  Anything and Everything you do off-site MUST INCLUDE A LINK BACK TO YOUR SITE
  2.  Do it all mostly in your niche. So form relationships on the social networks with people who are in the same field of business as you. This is targeted traffic. ie People who are interested in your topic. Otherwise you are wasting your time with uninterested untargeted traffic who will do nothing when and if they arrive on your site.

This is the formal end of this lesson. The take home message is this:

  1. Create a keyword researched site
  2. Add keyword researched articles.
  3. Go away and promote

 STEP 3. Shortcuts – how to speed up the the process

All of the above (1449 words) make for a long post.

This is because it takes a long time to do all of that. It will take even longer to start to get any form of substantial traffic to your site. Hence the need for a shortcut.

I started posting my lessons in mid January 2013 and it is now early March 7 weeks later. I only get 2 visitors a day. (Don’t tell anyone, its a tiny bit embarrassing). But it is early days yet.

Actually I should be getting zero visitors a day at this stage but those 2 a day are from a testimonial that I gave for The Best Spinner Software

Anyhow, many humans, being the impatient creatures that they are, have developed numerous ways to ???beat the system.

Most short cuts lead to disaster.

And the time taken to fix the disaster turns your short cut into a long cut.

Never mind.

Short cut number 1. Use The Best Spinner.

TBS will automatically produce multiple different versions of any article from one original article and submit these newly ‘spun’ articles to various sites for you.

Add your links to these articles before submitting. This will give you multiple links pointing back to your site.

But be careful. Google it seems is committed to doing lots of things including spotting fake links to sites. Too many links that appear on the web too quickly to a new site is suspicious so just don’t over do it.

Shortcut 2. Use Fiverr.com for everything.

This one ie self explanatory. Everything becomes clear once you look around the fiverr site. For $5 you can get someone to create a complex and authentic looking network of links for you all pointing to your site. A good ‘gig’ will be one that does this slowly over a couple of months to mimic the natural organic formation of links to a good website.

There is no real use going to all this trouble to promote your site if yours is a rubbish site. Please please please focus on good quality content that people will benefit from (Like 30 great lessons or something!)

Seriously, focus on creating the content first then promoting later. What good is there in spending time, energy and money to get to number one in Google if when people get to your site there is nothing worthwhile there?

The killer secret for getting millions of visitors to your site: Add content. Form relationships.

Shortcut 3. Use any type of exchange system.

There are sites where if you link to them on purpose, they will link back to you by way of reward (Google hates this. Avoid)

There are sites where if you view multiple sites that belong to other internet marketers, these marketers will view your site back. (An interesting one)

There are sites where if you follow thousands of tweeters, thousands will follow you back.

And so on.

The problem with all of these exchange mechanisms is that you are not getting targeted traffic back to your site. These are not the people that you will be helping and informing with your articles. These are not the people that will be delighted with your efforts and reward you by clicking on your affiliate link or on your ad sense ad. Their agenda is different.

That said however, these site exist and some have been around for yonks. So no doubt that they do work. If you know of any good ones, reply below or email me with your experience.

Shortcut 4. Press release distribution services:

Do you know how to write a great press release?

A press release is a short (300 words or so) news piece that describes a super event that has just happened. When you submit a press release, you basically submit your 300 word document by email , website form or whatever to a press release service eg eworldwire. eworldwire will then submit your release to major news agencies who will in turn decide whether or not to publish your story. The advantage is in leverage. It would be a real pain to submit to thousands of news dailies so let one company do it for you.

It’s cheapish. When I promoted my soon to be authority site mostexpensiveinternetad it cost me $500 but I got into Yahoo news, sold a bunch of ad space and the press release is still posted out there in cyberspace with live links back to my site.

(Geek / Nerd bit: There are PR (Google pagerank) advantages to press releases) email me for an explanation. Just reply to any of my newsletters.

Press releases have lost some of their clout and as a result are cheaper than they used to be (now less than $100 entry level).

The risk is that you will suddenly generate hundreds of links to your site in a very short space of time (viewed by Google as suspicious). Second risk with press releases is that your 300 word document may be poorly written or the launch of your site or whatever event that you want to promote may not be particularly newsworthy so you would have wasted your money and time because no one wants to publish or cover your story 🙁

For the record I will be issuing a press release.

So here are the advantages of using a press release to promote your site::

  1. Made available to News Search Engines
  2. Boost your Search Engine Visibility
  3. Posted to News Syndication Network
  4. Schedule your press release to go out today, tomorrow or when you want
  5. Social Media Sharing
  6. Drive Traffic to your site
  7. Pay Once, Hosted Forever

I have used all 3 of these services at various times in the past. One of them, (sorry I forget which) actually rewrote my release for me for no cost and made it sound more official and authentic. I was impressed. (I was paying $500 for the release though

Now a Quick Case Study to finish with. The value of prior research when building sites

I own a website called Real-Estate-Entrepreneur

It is about well, Real Estate Entrepreneurs. I created this site because I was interested in these guys. I wanted to see how they worked. What they did, how they did it, how they set up million dollar deals and how they made their money.

Essentially, the site now consists of over 500 biographies of the greatest Real Estate Entrepreneurs to have ever lived on this planet. At its peak, this site received 250 visitors per day with 400 to 600 page views each day.

This is not a large amount of traffic and this was reflected in how much in earnings the site was making. (I have since transferred the site from Joomla to WordPress and lost all traffic in the process but I am slowly building that up again). And that’s another article all in itself which I’m sure I’ll talk about soon.

After thinking long and hard about this site, I created a plan to improve this site’s earnings. My plan evolved as a direct result of discovering one thing: Not only was I not getting much traffic, I was not getting paying traffic. Let me explain:

Who are they and what are they typing?

In order to make money from your site, you need to find people who are ready to spend money online. You need to find out exactly what they are typing into their search engines. Then you need to go and write an article about the topic and post it on your site. Then you insert a relevant ad in the middle of that post. Or a picture of the product that they are looking for with a link to the sales page. Then with enough targeted visitors, you begin to make money.

So for example I was getting a lot of traffic for top entrepreneurs like “Canada’s Lalji Family” and ”Leo Noe” but these visitors were not paying customers that were coming to my site. They were just looking for information.

I needed to attract visitors who were looking to buy something.

I went back to Google Keyword tool and did a keyword search. I did not perform keyword research before starting the site because remember, I wanted it to be about real estate entrepreneurs and mostly for my own benefit. It was originally intended to be a hobby site. Not a money making site.

As I searched using various combinations of the words real, estate, entrepreneur, buy, and agent, I began to discover interesting keywords like:

  • 1. “Online course real estate exam”
  • 2. “How do I pass licensing exam”
  • 3. “Courses for licensing exam”

You can tell just by looking at this list that these are potential visitors to a website that would be looking to spend money on courses in order to pass their exams. They are not necessarily desperate but they sound motivated and they sound like they would spend money if they found what they were looking for.

I immediately added a section to my website called Real Estate Agent and began writing articles about everything to do with being and becoming a good real estate agent including studying for and passing the real estate exams. The next step will be to find affiliate programs for real estate courses and promote these.

One thing that I also did notice however was that real estate is an EXTREMELY competitive niche as all keywords are marked ‘high’ for competitiveness. So I don’t know yet how easy it will be to rank highly for these keywords. Sign up to my newsletter now because I will keep you updated and let you know how I get on.

Lesson fin.

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