Lesson 12 How to make it BEAUTIFUL

This lesson looks at the appearance of your website. To be honest, I think that it is relatively unimportant. I say this because like people, it is the content of their character that determines how successful they become. It is what your website is about and it is how you present it that really matters. The colours and pretty flowers come second.


To put it another way, wordpress offers over 500 free themes! These are free designs (sometimes called templates) that you can choose from when deciding how you want your website to appear. WordPress makes it so easy. You click on any theme that you want to test and you can see what your site will look like before you select it for good. Even after changing it, you can still change it back for as many times as you wish.


Go to Appearance → Themes and click on the Install Themes tab at the top and search for anything that you like.. You will see a result like this:



This great because you can preview any theme with the click of a button and see what your site will look like.


Don’t get overwhelmed. I suggest that you keep it clean and simple but it is up to you. Many of the top websites around the world actually have a very simple and very basic appearance with lots of white space and nothing fancy.


How to choose a theme:

The layout of a page is divided into columns. Generally, place text and content on the left hand side and adverts on the right hand side. The left side content column is usually wider than the right side. At the top place a logo or more ads or just the name of your site. At the bottom, put anything that that you like. You need a menu for easy navigation so that visitors can find their way around your site. In the past, menus were in a column on the left. Nowadays. menus are along the top of the page somewhere.


This is pretty much all that you need to know. But because we are going to become successful marketers, there are few extras that I will point out like what you MUST add and where to put it.


On a side note and just in case you were wondering, it is extremely easy to arrange the layout of your site. It will depend on the theme that you use. I four column theme and all that I need to do is point, click and drag from my ‘dashboard’.


Add an about me page. Some web users claim that they hate faceless websites. I too must admit that when I look around a website or receive an email signed by “The xyz Team” I’m a little disappointed not to see a real name. I often want to know who is behind whatever website but that’s just me. If you are creating a series of mini-sites just to promote products then you can lean toward the keeping your personal details safely out of view position. If you want to build a relationship and get to know and communicate with real people then add an About Me page. Following on from this, add easy to find contact details.


Somewhere obvious, add a disclaimer. Be open and honest and explain that you are recommending products that you have either used yourself or that you recommend. Explain why you recommend them. Explain that there are alternatives and explain that you will get paid a commission for recommending these products.


If you decide to collect email addresses include a privacy statement. Explain why you are collecting email addresses and explain what you will be doing with them. I have dedicated a whole lesson to the wonderful world of email as you will see later.

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