How to make money online with Adfly

How to make money online with Adfly

My good friend recommended Adfly to me. We were talking about the best places to advertise and promote our businesses.

(I have a collection of free classified ad sites here for you tu use by the way)

Then he sent me the link for Adfly. Adfly works for advertisers and also for people looking to make money online. Here is how it works.

How to make money online with Adfly

If you have ever posted a link on the web or even thought about it then you can make money with adfly. Shorten the link that you want to post using Adfly. Then post your shortened Adfly link on twitter, facebook,  Pinterest or wherever. When anyone clicks on your new link, you make money.

How to advertise with Adfly

When someone clicks on an Adlfy link, they get taken to their destination page via an Adfly Ad. The ad shows for 5 seconds.

I tested Adfly by advertising my SFI signup page.

Using the best Adfly deal, I purchased 20000 impressions for 8 dollars and got 15 signups. So that works out to 53 cents per signup. One went to 11 VP. The next step is to scale things up and see if the results are consistent or better.

Register now with Adfly and start to 1. Make money and 2. Advertise your primary program.


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