How to make money online with SFI – Strong Future International

SFI – Strong Future International is one of the longest running and most successful online business ever seen And you can get your own SFI business for free right now! Click here

Super affiliates who earn more than $10,000 per month online do only 2 things in order to succeed.

They spend time and money on their business.

As a new SFI affiliate, here are the 3 steps that you need to do to succeed in your business:

1. Score a minimum of 1500 versa points every month

2. Build your team by recruiting and sponsoring as many people as possible.

3. Make sales at your TripleClicks store

Here is how to complete all 3 steps the EASY way. SFI make it sooooo easy.

1. You need to log into your SFI business account every day and complete ALL the tasks on your To-Do list.: Growth, Scoreboard, a2a, Goals, Tips, Stream and collect all the points associated with each.

2. For recruiting and sponsoring you need to promote your SFI business. I have written how to do this in this KILLER article here. Or you can purchase the team builder option from the TripleClicks store

3. Making Sales at your Tripleclicks Store. Everyday you already purchase goods and services. With over 80,000 products available on your TripleClicks store, there is something for everyone in all the family.

I use all three steps in  my SFI business and I am building a strong and profitable business online. Join SFI now. I will help you.




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How to get money online - The strategies and techniques that I am using to make money online everyday.

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