Lesson 7 How to make money online WITHOUT selling products

How to make money online WITHOUT selling products

This lesson is my favourite.

  1. In this lesson I will teach you that there is NO selling to people involved in my online business.
  2. In this lesson I will teach you that there is NO product handling involved in my online business.

If you follow the lessons in the order that I have written them, you will learn that the visitors that arrive on your website are already looking to buy a product.

(This is very important and will make or break your online business.)

They are hot prospective customers with a mouse in one and a credit card in the other. If you want to make money online, this is the type of person that you must attract to your site and your business.

I do not need to convince them to buy anything. I just put a link on my website (I will show you how), or a picture of the product (I will show you how), and they will buy the product if the product or service is right for them.

And I get paid, automatically!

Building the site will take time but once it is done, your website becomes a permanent money making website that will work for you day and night for ever and ever for as long as you want to keep it!

I mentioned Clickbank in the previous lesson. I like Clickbank.

Clickbank has been around for over 14 years and is a popular place for people like me to choose products from in order to promote.

Generally people (customers) don’t go to Clickbank to buy products. Promoters (internet marketers like you and me) go to Clickbank to find and choose products to promote.

So for example, after a little research (I explain how to do this in the next lesson), I discover that there are a lot of people searching for a manual on how to stop dogs from barking.

I learn that there is a top information manual on Clickbank that lots of people are buying in order to teach their dogs to stop barking.

So I create a website around the topic of how to stop dogs from barking. On my site, I have added a link to the top manual about teaching dogs to stop barking that I found. Lets say Sally has a dog that is barking everyday. Loudly.

Sally really wants her dog to stop because the neighbours are complaining about the noise. So Sally types “How to stop my dog from barking” into Google or whatever search engine she uses.

Your site comes up in the search results. On my site, she sees a paragraph where I happen to mention this top product that she happens to be in need of.

Sally clicks on the link and gets taken to the product page where she can read all about this product, watch any videos about it and decide for herself if she wants to buy it. (Hopefully she will) and I earn a good commission.

Whenever my websites send visitors to Clickbank product pages, I keep up to 50% and sometimes more of the money that they spend when they buy anything form Clickbank.

[ You are reading How to make money online WITHOUT selling products ]

So if someone buys a book or a guide and they spend $30, I get to keep $15 in commission. And this happens day or night, over and over again each time someone makes a purchase using my websites. The commission that Clickbank pays varies but can go up to 75% for some products. Lets take a close look at Clickbank.

Go to Clickbank now. At the top of the page, click on ‘marketplace’. Just like we saw on Amazon in a previous lesson, you will see a long list of categories on the left hand side (sometimes called a left hand sidebar). I have clicked on ‘Health and Fitness’

In the middle column of the Clickbank page, you will now see a long list of popular products on health and fitness that you can choose to promote.

To choose the most popular product, set the drop down menu (“sort results by:”) which you will see in the middle of the page to “Popularity”. At the top of the list is the most popular product that has been sold.

I also set it to “Gravity” too by using the “Sort results by” option. This is also really important because it is like looking at Clickbanks ranking or their Best Seller list of products. Gravity basically tells you how many different people have sold that product in the last week.

If the gravity is 120 then this means that 120 different people have bought that product on various websites in the last few weeks. If the gravity is low e.g. just 2 then this means that only 2 people have recently bought this product. So either the product is not in demand, of poor quality or difficult to promote.

I would avoid this product. So if the product has a high Gravity, (above 50 Gravity is good) then you are doing well to choose this product and you will be OK promoting this. Just do it the right way as I will explain in my lessons.

Anyone can join up to Clickbank and begin to promote products. You need to open an account at Clickbank first if you don’t have one already. Clickbank is free to join. Once you join, you become an “Affiliate” of Clickbank.

Congratulations! You can now promote any product that you choose to promote from Clickbank’s Marketplace. Have a good look around the Clickbank site.

For each product that you choose to promote on Clickbank, Clickbank will produce a link that you will place on your site so that your visitors can click on this link and go to the product information page where they can decide to buy or not.

Note that the product information pages are written by professionals. These pages have been carefully designed to convert cold or warm visitors into hot buying customers (the art of selling).

You don’t need to sell to anyone. Just guide them to the right place – the sales page and let the page or the product do the conversion (make the sale) for you.

Don’t read any more of my lessons.

Look around Clickbank now and get  a feel for what products are available (tens of thousands so plenty of choice) and practice searching and browsing through the selection.

Thank you for reading How to make money online WITHOUT selling products.

In the next lesson, we begin the easy step-by-step process of setting up our website around the product that we will choose.

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