Lesson 6 How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote that are guaranteed to do extremely WELL

How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote that are guaranteed to do extremely WELL

In this lesson I am going to show you How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote and how I choose the best selling products to promote.

I use a method that involves NO selling.
I only choose and promote great products online.

But how do I decide what to promote? Read on!

If you present the right product to the right people, you will do well and the product will sell like magic. What would be frustrating is promoting the wrong product to the wrong person or the right product to the wrong person.

You will get ZERO results if you do this.

If you walk into a market and you see a huge crowd of people with lots of activity in one section of the market, what does that tell you? It tells you that this is where it is happening.

This is what I do. I go to an online marketplace, I look to see what everybody is buying lots of and I get in on the action.

There are literally hundreds and thousand of products both physical and digital products that people are crazy to get their hands on. I help them to do this and I get paid for it. It is so simple. There are no tricks and no mirrors. I explain all of this on this very page How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote.

I will show you 2 methods that I use using 2 well known marketplaces. The first is Amazon. The second is Clickbank. There are hundreds more but at this stage, these 2 are much more than enough to get you started.


Type “Amazon best sellers” into Google now (in a different browser window) and click on the result. You will immediately see a page full of great products that Amazon is making huge money on.
How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote

Along the left is a very long list of categories. Click on any of these and you will clearly see the list of best sellers in that category. I have drilled down to the best selling TV set. The best selling TV set is a Samsung. The second best is a Panasonic which Amazon is selling for $928.99.

If I wanted to make money here, all that I do is simply and quickly create a  website about TVs  and send my website visitors to Amazon’s best selling TV page.

Amazon takes over from here and do what they do best. Convert the visitor into a paying customer. Amazon is happy because they have made a sale. The visitor is happy because they have found a great product. I am happy because Amazon pay me a commission.

I do not even have to think of what product to promote. I don’t need to worry about How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote. Amazon and Amazon’s huge army of shoppers have already decided for me!

This page tells you a lot of things. It tells you:

  • What products are selling extremely well
  • What product most people are looking  to buy
  • What products are good quality

If this product was rubbish then there is NO way that it would have made it to the best sellers page.

I don’t have to worry about shipping, postage, transportation, delivery, upset customers, refunds, exchanges ……etc etc etc  because Amazon takes care of  all of this.

Oh and by the way, for general and personal shopping on Amazon, its always a good idea to take a sneak peek at the best sellers before you make your purchase just so that you have everything covered if you are an Amazon shopper anyhow!

So in this lesson we looked at How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote. on our website using Amazon products as an example.

Thank you for reading How to Pick FANTASTIC products to promote.

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