Lesson 4 How to QUICKLY learn facts about yourself that you never knew.

The first chapter and first line of any “How to” business book should always read:

Chapter 1. Know Yourself.

The only single thing between you and world domination is yourself. Not me, not my lessons, not your subscription to my excellent Newsletter. Nope. Its you.

  • If you succeed and you achieve greatness or
  • if you develop a huge income, or
  • if ave so much money that you create more choices in your life, or
  • if you are successful in love,

all of this will be down to your strengths. If you mess up, or quit, or run away or cannot get past Lesson 11, this would be down to your weaknesses.

Know your strengths and play to your strengths.

For example, if you are a great gardener and you love gardening, then consider a business model that will make use of your excellent skills and knowledge about gardening.

If you work better late at night when most are asleep then don’t be afraid to build your business at night. If you get bored or distracted easily then build a business that has a lot of variety.

If you hate writing then avoid an online business model that will involve a lot of writing. Or get someone else to do your writing for you.

If you hate computers, or the internet ,or technology then don’t build an online business.

Any attempt to do this will only leave you fed up, frustrated, tired and angry. Try something else.

So before you start, ask yourself, “What am I good at?” What do I Like doing? Can I do this for the next few weeks, months? Years?

Ask yourself:

“What am I really not good at doing?”

Think about your weaknesses. What are you truly terrible at doing. Be honest. Then say to yourself:

I’m really bad at doing… so I am going to avoid anything to do with….

The only exception is if you are one of the rare breed of people who can do what it takes in order to succeed. Even if it is difficult for you or it feels extremely uncomfortable. But that is a whole lesson that I would need to write in itself.


I know that you won’t forget to signup to my newsletter. Because you’re good at remembering things. 🙂

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