Lesson 17 How to turn great phrases into attractive titles that make people want to read more

In this lesson, I am going to talk about how to create titles that turn heads. Well not literally but titles that make you stand out from a long list of other article titles. And not just stand out, make readers want to click on your title.


A pet interest of mine is History. (No I do not think this is profitable Niche but if you do, let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!). And in the history books there are dozens of stories about crafty salesmen who invented great ways to get their products sold. You can imagine how smart sellers would have tried various headlines in newspapers to get their ads read, tried various lines on envelopes in order to get their readers attention and get the envelope read and opened. And after opening the envelope they would have mere seconds to grab the readers attention. How did they do it?


Well, the methods that they used in the good old days have stood the test of time because these are still the same techniques that are used today. Pick upa newspaper and scan the headlines. What grabs your attention and why. Turn to the classifieds. Again what did you read and why.


You will notice a recurring pattern. Strong captivating headlines or article titles…


1. Have numbers in them

2. Offer a step-by-step approach

3. Begin with “How to”

4. Are long

5. Have a “because”

6. Ask a question

7. Are odd

8. Use strong descriptive words.

9. Imply urgency


But not all at the same time of course. I’ll give you some examples. If you saw a bookshelf with the following book titles, which title would make you want to pick up the book and thumb through the pages?


1. 5 easy ways to lose weight or Easy ways to lose weight

2. Step by step guide to growing roses or Growing roses

3. How to get money online or Get money online

4. How I got my girlfriend back, made up with her, got married and moved to Spain or We got back together

5. Becoming a better parent is important because you owe it to your children or Become a better parent

6. Who wants to learn how to dress smarter? or Dress smarter

7. Three legged horse wins race or Horse wins race

8. Fantastic holidays in Mexico or Holidays in Mexico

9. Stop your dog barking today before its too late or Stop your dog barking


I could go on but I know that you get my point. Titles matter. Complete the keyword search, choose the right keywords that you want to use in your title, then build out the title. Create drama and sensation but don’t over do it. If your title sounds promising but your content is crappy or under-delivers, your customers will lose faith, lose interest and you’ll lose them. Don’t disappoint or at least, be straightforward. The easy way to do this is just to say in the title what the article is about, with no hype.


Free tip:

I’ve just given you 9 free niche topic ideas there if you still can’t think of anything to create a website about!


Another free tip:

Go To Amazon and look up the best-selling books in the niche that you are interested in. What titles do these bestsellers have? Go to any bookstore or library and check out some titles. What about magazines? Perfect. These guys have to sit down and make sure that every single phrase, word or sentence on the magazine cover makes you want to pick up thing and buy it.


Its obvious when you think about it and you will now never look at the title of anything in the same way again.


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