I got Banned by Mailchimp


It is confirmed.

Mailchimp hate Internet Marketers.

Here’s what happened to me:

So I mailed my list. As you do. Then I got this email back:

Hello Ugo,

As a bulk delivery service, a huge part of our job is providing great
deliverability for all our customers. ISPs and spam filters are
becoming more sensitive to certain types of keywords and content.

Keeping this in mind, MailChimp is not able to serve as your email
provider, because the content associated with your industry conflicts
with our acceptable use policy. For direct questions regarding our
acceptable use policy and the types of content that aren’t supported,
please visit our Acceptable Use policy under Prohibited Content:

Nothing personal against your content or industry; there are just some
very strict spam filters and ISP rules that we have to comply with to
maintain the best possible sending environment. These filters are
becoming increasingly sensitive to certain keywords because some
industries tend to generate greater than average complaint rates
(legit or not) with their emails. A risk that we unfortunately cannot

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The account is open so that you may log in anytime to back up data. If
you have any questions related to billing, please contact

All the best,

The MailChimp Compliance Team


So here’s the thing to do:

Move onwards and upwards.

Onward to greener and better pastures.

I got banned by MailChimp. So what?

It must be a sign: Time to stop monkeying around!! 🙂

See what I did there? MailChimp? Monkeying around? Get it?


So what are my options after MailChimp banned me?

Here we go:

Option 1. GVO. Made by Marketers for Marketers. No monkeys involved. And with good deliverability too from what I hear. It is inexpensive. Stone Evans added it to his Plug in Profit site. And I have an SFI account. Which is also part of PIP.

So maybe being banned by MailChimp is a sign that I should join PlP ?!?

Option 2. Aweber. Popular. Not very exciting. But allegedly very good.

Option 3. Continue to use Power Lead System at http://www.leadslane.com/

This system uses beautiful lead capture pages to capture email and creates a list for me. Then emails my subscribers. So technically I do not need to do anything else but continue building my list with the power lead system at http://www.leadslane.com

Click on the link and go check out the power lead system at LeadsLane.com

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