JetCoin Review. Is It A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

JetCoin homepage

JetCoin Review. Is It A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

This is my JetCoin Review

JetCoin is currently popular amongst internet marketers on the web who have an interest in Cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin.

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JetCoin promises to double your Bitcoin in 40 to 50 days.

This is the main JetCoin company website:

This is the link to the JetCoin Facebook page:

Apologies.There is no official Jetcoin Facebook page that I can find for JetCoin.

JetCoin Introduction Video

They do not have an introduction video either.

JetCoin Founders

There is no mention on the website of who the owners or founders of JetCoin are. To me, this raises a red flag.

What are the JetCoin products?

This is not made clear by the website. As fas as I can tell, there is no actual Jetcoin Product. This in itself ought to raise red flags. How can a business exist without red flags?

JetCoin say that they have Traders who make money on the markets so you don’t have to go learn how the markets work to lose money trading. Superb!

JetCoin Review. Is It A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

What do I have to do to make money with JetCoin ?

Give them all your money. No.

JetCoin exists solely to double your Bitcoin. You pay them some money eg any fixed amount between 0.05 and 8 Bitcoin.

They then send you Bitcoin everyday to your wallet until in around 40 days. By 40 days, you will have double the amount you submitted sitting in your crypto wallet. Cool stuff huh?!!!

 Pack JC 1 – Ƀ 0.05
Pack JC 2 – Ƀ 0.10
Pack JC 3 – Ƀ 0.30
Pack JC 4 – Ƀ 0.50
Pack JC 5 – Ƀ 1.00
Pack JC 6 – Ƀ 2.00
Pack JC 7 – Ƀ 4.00
Pack JC 8 – Ƀ 8.00

Further JetCoin  Income Streams

sponsoring new people into the system earns you commissions.

What is the JetCoin compensation plan?

There is a Binary system. Make one sale on your left and make one saleon your right. You are now qualified to earn from the Binary system.

These commissions are up to 25% if you deposited as much as 8 Bitcoin.

JetCoin compensation plan
JetCoin compensation plan

Note this – if you enter at 0.05 Bitcoin, you earn NOTHING until you sponsor 2 paying people.

Do you know how to sponsor?

Are you good at sponsoring?

How much does it cost to join JetCoin?

Its free to join JetCoin so you can look around and test it for free.

Once joined, you obviously need to pay Bitcoin into the system to double the Bitcoin.

How much money can I make with JetCoin ?

Depends. You can make a lot if you submit a lot of Bitcoin for doubling.

Sponsor lots of referral and you could make even more.

An email I received from a JetCoin affiliate tells me:

These World class leaders are already crushing 16 bitcoins
DAILY!!!!!!!!! (FIRST WEEK!) Your one of the very first to know
about it.

I’m already earning MORE!!!!!!!!!!

I already maxed my first account out in 3 days. Which earns 16

That’s Over $48,000 daily INCOME or $336,000 a week!


I’m now building my 2nd account which is already earning me over
$3,000+ DAILY which is another Million a YEAR! But this is
building everyday and I’m sure I’ll max this account out to
another 16BTC DAILY within the next fortnight!

Do the maths of earning 32 BITCOINS ($96,000 DAILY!)

My JetCoin  summary

Now let’s be honest. If you were able to double your Bitcoin, would you not just sit quietly in the corner and make yourself a quiet fortune? Why do they need my measly 0.05 Bitcoin?

Fantastic idea because:

Anything that doubles money legitimately, legally, honestly and morally is a beautiful thing.

You’re being paid in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is rising up and up and up in value. So you are rewarded twofold. That can’t be bad!

JetCoin promises to double your Bitcoin in 40 to 50 days.

This sounds like an incredible opportunity. One that many will not be able to resisit.

I don’t like JetCoin  Because:

Own business with no product? Look up Ponzi or Pyramid scheme asap.

Is there a focus on recruiting?

Is money from new recruits being used to pay older members? Sounds like a slippery slope.

Who are the Traders? Where are their photos?

Where is evidence of their successful trading for us to see?


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JetCoin Review. Is It A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

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JetCoin Review. Is It A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

Sound great. How do I get started Ugo?



Look at this REAL business with REAL products and REAL founders who take responsibility for their company.

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