Why I joined SFI

In January 2013 I created this site The site contains all my thoughts, actions and experiences about my online business. Its about making money online. 

It has grown since to become a great site with hundreds of articles and ‘how-to’ videos. I love the site very much and I am very proud of what I have achieved so far with the site.

It has taken me a long time to get this far and during that time, you can imagine how much hard work has gone into getting the site to where it is today.

You can imagine the long days, late nights and all the emotional ups and downs that come with having passion for what you do: the worrying, the anxieties, great concern, the frustration, excitement and happiness. Its an awesome journey and to be perfectly honest, I love every minute of doing all that I do online.

howtogetmoneyonline is a ‘how -site’. This means that I talk about methods and techniques. Then I talk about how to put these together to create processes and systems. This is how I become more efficient and more effective at all that I do.

My writing produces great articles and together with some advertising on the site, I generate some income. But apart from writing online I knew that for me, the only way to make real money online was by affiliate marketing: Promoting products and services. Great products and great services. On a massive scale. I wanted to get paid for promoting and talking about great products, great services and great businesses online.

If I was going to join a business opportunity, it had to be special. It had to stand out. There had to be more to it than all the other hundreds of thousands of other opportunities that exist online today.

I knew that I wanted to join great businesses and get paid to promote them. I knew that if I built a team of people who were going to do the same, I wanted them to find it easy to do also.

Above all else, there had to be results. Good tangible results. Earning potential was important to me. “How much money can I make?” There is nothing worse that spending all your time, money and energy online for months on end, trying to earn a living online and getting NO results.

On this site, I write about what works and what works well. If you want to make money online (everybody would like to) and if you are serious (fewer people are actually very serious) then you really need to know the basics of two extremely important things.

  1. Technical aspects of being online eg website creation
  2. Effective marketing / promotion methods eg advertising

I promote a number of affiliate programs online because I am an affiliate myself. I also put together teams of people who do the same. The number one question that I am always asked is “Ugo, how do you do….?” or “Ugo, how can I….” I love it when I get asked these questions because it confirms to me that the two things listed above – technical details and advertising are extremely important to everybody.

This is one area that SFI also excels. SFI is great at teaching people about the technical stuff and showing them how to make money online. When I tell people about SFI, I know that they will find it totally easy to get started earning online. I know that if they decide to promote SFI to anyone, they too in turn will find it easy. This is because the training in SFI is awesome. Its complete, its comprehensive and its aimed at all levels of experience.  I have found that dedicated beginners have no problem getting started building their own business and making money online.  I have also found that experienced marketers too are able to do the same.

I am excited to say that SFI is now my primary online business. I can only have one primary business online. So after careful thought, and careful testing, I chose SFI. I chose SFI because of the three reasons that I have mentioned:

  1. Its easy
  2. The training is brilliant
  3. SFI has produced results 

There are so many other reasons that made joining SFI the best decision for me such as:

  1. Safety: SFI has an excellent track record – it has been running for over 15 years. Few companies can say this about themselves.
  2. It is also an international business so anyone from any country can join and get started today.
  3. SFI is free to join with no purchase requirements whatsoever. This allowed me to test SFI free at no cost before I committed.

I started earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions which meant a fast upfront compensation. SFI also has a great long-term residual income potential.


There is no cost to become an SFI affiliate, and they provide complete training and all the Websites and marketing tools you’ll need to get started, all FREE. Sign up now

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