3 ways to keep up with Affiliate Marketing news

There is lots of information on the net. There is lots of information about making money online. And there is lots of information about making money using the affiliate marketing method.

Keep track of whats happening the easy way – not the hard way. The hard way is by trying to read everything about everything everyday.

The easy way is by reading what counts when it counts. Use tools to save time, save energy and increase your productivity. That is what I do.

So here are 3 great ways to efficiently keep track of what’s up in affiliate marketing.

1. Use affposts. Affposts splashes the titles of the 6 latest posts from dozens of top affiliate marketing blogs all on one page. That saves ahekofalotof websearching and websurfing. Caution however, affposts for some reason displays material from a few blogs that have not been updated for years! Guess their content must be evergreen. Excellent!affposts


2. Add an RSS feed reader. Search and download a popular feed reader for your browser. Add the domain names of your favourite internet marketing blogs to the feed reader. Now when you click on your feed button, you will instantly see a list of you favourite blogs’ latest headlines. Superb!

3. Twitter. Go to your twitter account, click on ‘me’ and look where it says ‘lists’. You can add your favourite twitter people here and set up a stream of their tweets only. Stay updated via twitter this way. Masterful!

twitter lists

All good.

So now you know 3 ways to keep up with Affiliate Marketing news


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